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Awesome Weekend!!!

Old 11-07-2011, 04:25 PM
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Talking Awesome Weekend!!!

Well I went back home from college this weekend with the sole purpose of going duck hunting. One of my buddies also drove in from college in San Antonio just to go hunting with me. Total driving time between us was 5 1/2 hrs for him and 4 1/2 for me. But boy was it worth it.
So we decided on saturday that we wanted to sleep in a little bit after having driven in the day before so we did not get started until 10:30 in the morning. My brother plays football and did not get in till 2:30 that night and wanted to sleep so we left him alone and went by ourselves. We went to jump a spot we fondly call the "S" because of the shape the river makes. It is one of our usual hot spots but saturday morning their were only 15 ducks where there is usually hundreds and they spooked before we could get close enough. So we moved to our next spot about 400 yards down the river that we call low water crossing. We creeped up on the river and spotted 5 ducks one nice green head and 4 pintails. We jumped them and I nailed the mallard and hit a female pintail and my buddy dropped a drake pintail that for some reason did not have a pin but the mallard had 4 curl feathers which I am keeping.
So we go to a place we call the pipeline because of the old pipeline that crosses the river. As we are creeping up, with him at the pipeline and me about 150 yards further up river, all you can hear is the widgeons communicating with each other. We pop up over the sides and the entire river is solid ducks for 300 yards, it was the most ducks I have ever seen in my entire life in one spot. Not only were they in front of us but for 600 yards up the river it was solid ducks, truly amazing. Just clouds of ducks moving in front of us. Needless to say we both hit our limits in about 30 seconds. Dropped 2 with the 3 shells in the gun and then started feeding them in one at a time to finish the limit. He got 5 and I got 4 in less than 30 seconds. Absolutely amazing and every single one of the ducks was a widgeon drake do to the number of available targets we got to be very picky. So the tally for saturday was 2 pintails, 1 mallard drake, and 9 widgeon drakes for a full limit.

Sunday morning we were up at 6:30 and headed to the river to try and do some calling which was a first for me. When we arrive there is already ducks on the water. One of the guys that I took killed his first duck a widgeon drake. On sunday it was no where near as amazing as on Saturday, but we still had a blast. Our total for that day was 23 one duck shy of our limit. All of the different species harvested included, 1 canvasback, 3 pintails (which did not have pins for some reason), several rudy ducks, 3 gadwalls, alot of widgeons, 1 mallard, and 1 hooded merganser. So we got a decent variety which was good for educating the new guy on what the ducks look like in the air and in your hand.

And the best part is that for lunch on Saturday and for lunch on Sunday we got to eat our freshly killed ducks. Saturday consisted of the ducks sliced into 1/2 inch strips and cooked in a skillet served with cheese broccoli rice. Sundays lunch consisted of duck fajita burritos smothered with queso and salsa. This is one of the reasons my buddies like to go hunt with me is the fact they get to eat what they shoot immediately after they shoot it. Many a city slicker has been educated on the whole process from squeezing the trigger to forking it into their mouths.

Sorry for the length but I am still jacked up from such an awesome hunt and cant wait for Thanksgiving. And sorry didnt even think about pictures.
P.S. The new guy also is going to get his first Hooded Merganser stuffed it is also a beautiful specimen. I think he is hooked for life on ducks.
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Sounds like a good time! Where abouts were yall hunting? Im gonna be hunting in North East, Texas and some of the guys this past weekend didn't see much unfortunately.
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Old 11-07-2011, 05:24 PM
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We were hunting near grandfalls, tx. Nothing but mesquite and cactus in the middle of the desert. The only thing we have is the river and a reservoir, but we hunt the river with good success. We were beginning to think that we weren't going to see anything but then we hit the mother-load.
I might get the chance to do a more traditional duck hunt back in east texas with one of my buddies over decoys, but we have not got the logistics figured out yet. I hope yall have better luck next time.
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Old 11-23-2011, 09:52 AM
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Way to go - I like hearing of you young fellas getting into some good shooting - Im waiting for my son to get home from college so we can get some duck hunting in here in Michigan -
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Old 11-24-2011, 10:53 AM
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nice going guys.... but pics or it didn't happen lol... btw happy turkeyday

Me and my buddy got 9 this morning. it's been slow down here in FL but we ended up with 2 shovelers 1 gwt 1 bwt 1 bufflehead 2 hooded mergansers and 1 common merganser. The 9th bird got taken by an eagle before we got to it, I'm pretty sure it was a ringneck.
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Sounds like a good time! Where abouts were yall hunting? Im gonna be hunting in North East, Texas and some of the guys this past weekend didn't see much unfortunately.

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