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Decoy Help

Old 11-04-2010, 07:03 PM
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Default Decoy Help

I've always either hunted with friends who have decoys or just jumped ponds. Some advice on what decoys to buy would be greatly appreciated. Im looking to start off with buying probly a dozen mallards but they can't be to expensive.. Which I know may conflict with the quality, so any pointers or tips on some good deals would be awsome!
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Old 11-04-2010, 08:43 PM
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Green head gear makes the "hot buy" series mallards, its 12 for $30 and they look pretty good, not the best looking most detailed dekes ive ever seen...but i've fooled a lot of ducks with those.
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I killed a limit of ducks last year in less than 2 minutes. I was using a dozen, 12 year old G&H decoys and 1 robo duck. It almost sucked how fast it was over. Being in the right spot, understanding the wind, being there early enough, being concealed, knowing when and how much to call, is way more important than which decoys you choose to buy.

And for "the fish", I was using my 20. LMFAO!!
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Old 11-05-2010, 03:42 AM
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I'm a cheap hunter, I try to either buy used or make it myself. I bought a pack of flambeu green wing teal dekes and limited out just about every day of teal season. My mallard spread is the mutt of decoys since it is made up of dekes I've been given, found, repaired, repainted etc. I even have one with a keel I made from a plastic bowl cover. Point is that every one who goes out there and buys 150 dollar dekes for half dozen would have done better to buy chep decoys and more ammo
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Originally Posted by blakefrautschi View Post
Green head gear makes the "hot buy" series mallards, its 12 for $30 and they look pretty good, not the best looking most detailed dekes ive ever seen...but i've fooled a lot of ducks with those.
the hot buys dont have the best paint but for $30 you cant go wrong i have them
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another vote for the hot buys. You can also get some Flambeu's for about 24.99 a dozen if you want sumthing a little cheaper. Spray them with a flat clear coat to make them last longer.
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I just picked up a pack of the Flamebeau Storm Front Mallards. They seem ok, the paint job is soso, but 35 bucks a dozen they will get the job done.
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Take some milk jugs and empty 2 liter bottles, paint them flat black, add an anchor and line. You've got some rudimentary decoys for next to nothing.
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if you plan on hunting ducks for a while i would go with the greenhead gear decoys remember you get what u pay for and check ebay i just receved some canadan shells for half price brand new
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I'm looking to have to overhual my spread next season. At 1 point I had something lik 52 dekes they were all flambeau or pickups. I haven't picked up or bought a deke in probablly at least 6 more likely 7-8. I hunted them probably 30-35 days every season. They don't look to bad but there are 10 or so of the last 26 are foamed for cracked keels.
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