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New to Waterfowl

Old 09-06-2006, 06:20 AM
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Default New to Waterfowl

Well I caught up with an old highschool buddy of mine a few weeks ago after being out of touch since 95, it was great to see him again. We caught up on lost time and did a lot of bs'ing around (like the old days) and we got talking about hunting and he asked If I ever went duck hunting. I told him I went once by myself on some land that we own along the Black River but never had much luck. He said that he was going to get me into it. He said be prepared it does cost a bit the first couple years. Are there any suggestions/tips that anyone can give me that will prepare me for the great waterfowl hunts im going to experience this year with him and his uncle and some friends?
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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

All I can say is that it gets addicting and it can get expensive, but there is a lot of hunting to do...I enjoy it so much because it still is hunting - you have good days and bad days, you still have to use strategy, but unlike deer hunting you can be late, you can goof off with the buds, it is just a lot of fun!!!
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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

This is my 4th season waterfowling. I pretty much have all the gear I need to get by. (no boat yet, though)

I hunt from the bank most of the time on both private and public land, Rivers, Lakes, Wetlands and Farm Ponds. 75% of the time, I hunt by myself. I've got a few buddies into waterfowling also, which helps. Some buddies have dogs and boats, which is nice.

All in all, I have about $500 in my gear. I use my 12 gaugeRemington 870that I use also for Deer and Turkeys. A nice pair of Waders, which is a must. About 5 calls, 4 duck calls and a goose flute. Neoprene gloves, another must for those cold December and January days. I have about 20 goose decoys and 30 duck decoys, plus 2 decoy carrying bags. I think this is it from the major stuff. If you get these, you'll do just fine as far asgear goes I think. Check your local classifieds, I bought a couple dozendecoys that way cheap.

This site is great, you'll get a bunch of info by reading here.

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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

I wouldn't worry about the cost so much. You can get started fairly cheap, if you already have a gun. There are always deals, you just have to look. After the fist season, shops will put things on sale. Wal-Mart is great for this. I've bought duck calls for $2 and decoys for $10 (per dz.) Good luck!!
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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

It can get expensive with trailers, guns, blinds,decoys and all the stuff, but its worth every penny. Try getting some of Buck Gardners training tapes on calling. Learning to make just a few sounds can make allthe difference. Calling em in is my favorite part of waterfowling. Good luck!
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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

You can have a very enjoyable time hunting ducks without going overboard on buying everything advertised. Main things that'll help you enjoy your times hunting ducks, imo:
Hunt with guys/gals that have your same values, similar interests. A hunting buddy or 2 is someone you can trust and depend on.
Have a good retrieving dog that you spend time working with during the year leading up to. Hunting with a good dog to find those tough birds and swim out to get those birds is a real joy. Treat the dog well and he/she will do the same for you.
What equipment you do buy, make it good quality that'll last and function for you in all kinds of weather. Buy Gore-tex or other waterproof outer wear and layer of warm clothes for those cold, wet or even snowy days in the blind.
Have a good quality shotgun that you can use for all kinds of waterfowl and other hunting and take care of it.
Let you buddy use his decoys, until you've had some time to decide what you need.
Good maps / map books help a lot to find Wildlife Mgmt Areas and other spots to hunt.
Practice wing shooting, if you haven't much before at a sporting clays or similar target range. I like sporting clays, because it helps you adapt to all different target presentations that are more than the flushing bird look trap provides. Anyway practice.
Then have a good time, try new things when things aren't working. Enjoy yourself and be safe!
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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

I wouldnt worry bout the cost so much i was a budget hunter in high school and did pretty good with limited funds, youre buddy should be able to help you out alot on what you need to have and what you can get later. but i will warn you it is addicting as anything. youre gonna have a blast!!!!
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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

Waterfowling is not just something you do every now and then- its more of a passion than any form of hunting that I have done- 10 years ago Md took away the ability to hunt migratory geese- my local area saw a dramatic loss in economy- once it came back in people of all hunting backgrounds embraced it like never before. Man once it gets in your system your done for- I can't get enough of it and I don't even care if I down a bird- I just want to call- make something do what it is not supposed to do. Its just a rush. Anyone can sit in a stand and wait but to make a living creature come into a group of fake geese makeing fake calls- its like heaven on earth
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Default RE: New to Waterfowl

it gets addicting and it can get expensive,
tell me something in the outdoor world that isnt
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