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auto vs. over and under

Old 12-14-2004, 06:41 PM
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Default auto vs. over and under

Do you guys prefer and semi-auto or over and under for upland bird hunting?Why?Which particular gun do you recommend say if you chose auto what kind of auto would you recommend?
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

It all depends on the day ,the limit and what the cover looks like . If I am hunting in a state with a 4 pheasant limit and I am hunting good holding cover I take the 11/87 auto . I have taken my limit on the first flush.
If the limit is 2 or the cover is spoty or I feel like it I take the SKB O/U .
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

I recently bought a beretta optima 12ga primarily for pheasant hunting. I used to have a pump. I am really enjoying the gun, and so far would recommend it to anyone. Good luck with you decision it took me forever to finally come to mine.
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

What about a Side-by-Side!!! I've grown to were I'd prefer a SxS for about anything except deer and waterfowl. Do a search for dehann shotguns. I've heard good things about the Beretta Optima (AL391?) The O/U has my pick anyday over a Semi. I'm just a little too traditional I guess. I know most of the SxS floating around Gun shops are clumbsy looking clubs...but I nice one is unmatched in my book Seriously take a look at Dehann Shotguns page if you're interested in either of the double guns.
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

Man, I am sorry for all the typos in my above thread.
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

I prefer an O/U. I have never had a problem with them. I have friends that have auto loaders, they get dirty and don't work, or the grease gets cold and they won't cycle. The big deal is the extra shots, if the state you are hunting doesn't require a plug. If you had to have a auto, look at Benelli, they make a good shotgun. Soilarch, doesn't hurt when you turn your head sideways to shoot that thing, just kidding.
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

Another vote for the SxS!! Never had trouble getting any of mine to cycle. Now I will admit there are times when the sweet sixteen gets her chance in the field but only when I suspect to find Sharptails grouped.
As far as the o/u goes...and I know I'll ruffle some feathers.. I'd shoot a auto benelli 20 ga before any o/u. But give me my choice of shotgun and a sxs with a splinter is my pick for pheasant. SXS 16 gauge is what I normally take. But if they are going to hold and I have good pointers on the ground I'll have no trouble taking the SXS 28.
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

I'm with roost em and soilarch on this one and to go abit further a 16 gz. is very nice to carry and shoot. I grew up using pumps mostly never could get used to the semi but I love my 11-87 turkey gun but for all else I use my old ithaca sxs 16.
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

I prefer an auto to the O/U. If properly maintained, jams are not an issue. Usually auto's are less expensive to buy than the O/U. I have both. Seems I enjoy the hunt more if I am not having to worry about scratching up the stock on a fence, or brush. On a covey rise, it sure is fun emptying that automatic. I use a Franchi 12 ga with the 24" barrel. Love it.
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Default RE: auto vs. over and under

hahahaha!!!! id take the o/u over any of those guns i just got a browning citori lightning all costumed out with the shnobled forend and english stock i love the thing!!!! as far as im concerend autos are more of a goose and water fowl gun if you walk in to the woods were im from with your fancy little benelies youd get made fun of or shot! lmao as far as those nasty pieces of **** for them damned s by s i weouldnt take one of those jalopys if it was givin to me!!!!! pewwwww! that felt good sorry about any of the hard feelings!!! ive had a long hard day !!! have to take it out on somthin!@!! lol
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Quick Reply: auto vs. over and under

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