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Default 16ga???

I am about to invest in another shotgun and am considering a SxS 16ga. My quarry would be quail, dove, squirrels and rabbits. No form of big game what so ever. My question is will I miss my 12ga when I tote this gun and for the species listed, is there anything that the 12 can do that the 16 can't?

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Default RE: 16ga???

pyral - Although I can't really help you with the rodents, I can tell you that the 16ga is probably the ultimate all-around shotgun for upland birds. There is something special about the balance and feel of a 16ga, something that can only be described as, "sweet."

Many folks who carry them (myself included) are fond of saying that the 16ga "carries like a twenty but hits like a twelve."
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Default RE: 16ga???

Perfect size. I use a 16 ga. Ithaca 37 about 70 percent of the time. Switch off sometimes with a 20 ga. SXS or a 20 ga. Rem. 870 Wingmaster. One thing, I wouldn't get a 16 ga. on a 12 ga. frame. No real benefit when it comes to weight. Might as well go with the 12. Recoil wise, generally there's little difference.
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Default RE: 16ga???

When buying shells, seems like sporting good stores are always stocked up for 12ga. but not for the 16ga. [:-]
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Default RE: 16ga???

i use a 16 ga and it is the best gun ever!!!!!!!!
i have used it for upland deer duck goose rabbits squirrels coyote fox ect....
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Default RE: 16ga???

It won't be quite as good for pass shooting the doves, but it will suffice. You will be faced with less selection and slightly higher costs for shells with the 16. I like mine for quail, grouse, rabbit, and squirrel. A 20 would work for these also. When you start talking pheasant, duck, goose, or pass shooting, the 12 has a 'leg-up'.

However, having one shotgun in each gauge with each type of action is a goal
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Default RE: 16ga???

I carry an ithaca 16 sxs about 90% of the time and you can't get me to put it down when it comes to upland birds of any kind. as robinhood stated ammo selection at the local sporting goods store may be abit thin. I started reloading the 16 yrs. ago and if you want a variety you can buy from ballistic products they sell quite afew different loads for the 16. also when I'm not carring my sxs I have a ithaca model 37 16 i carry some
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Default RE: 16ga???

The 16ga is a great allaround hunting gun. I use a browning sweet sixteen for all my upland hunting and duck hunting. Also on rabbits and sporting clays. I use a Ithaca model 37 16ga for all my deer hunting.
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Default RE: 16ga???

I would love to have a 16gauge in an O/U or semi-auto. I know the Remington 1100 has 16g now but am not a big fan of the 1100. Anyone know of who else makes a 16gauge?

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Default RE: 16ga???

i use to have a winchester 16 ga by grandpa bought if from a friend and never shot for 8 years. He liked his 12 ga winchester auto to much for pheasant. I shot it about 20 times killed 3 squrriel didnt shoot good slugs but it had a good waterfowl pattern. But i dont hunt upland bird. I use a 12 for rabbit and dove. I geuss my point is i'd rather have a 12 ga.
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