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Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

Old 12-07-2006, 03:29 AM
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Default Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

anyone hunt birds with a bow? i don't but have seen it done. i've never been good enough with a bow to shoot and hit a flying bird.
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

thats just stupid!
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Old 12-09-2006, 04:31 AM
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

i've never been good enough with a bow to shoot and hit a flying bird.
thats just stupid!

I agree fhat it is stupid to try and hit a flying bird. However when deer huntingI would take a couple of old arrows along with the stars and field points. I would accasionally shoot a grouse once in a while that is sitting on the ground.
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

You were watching a Tred Barta show weren't you?

I happen to come across a promo for that episode on one of my nightly remote control clicking exercises. I just shaked my head and laughed to myself when I saw it. The ideas some people have when they get a tv show.
ha ha ha

And yes Mr Brata was able to bring a bird down but only after taking 20 other shots prior...
Possible...yes; Practical...no

Happy Hunting
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Old 12-22-2006, 07:41 AM
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

Why is it stupid? Know what you are talking about first before leaping. Thats what PETA people do, we are not like them.

Its a great challenge and sport. Pheasant bow hunting consisits of shooting a 4 hooped arrow which gives you a "shotgun" spread of about a 6" diameter. Sort of like using a 410.

I hope to start some day. Itsso easy with a gun and my great Pointers. Hope to do it with muzzleloader soon too.
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

In Alaska, quite a few people hunt birds with a bow. We're talking about grouse & ptarmigan, mainly. I, myself, have taken a few grouse with a bow. It's great fun! Would like to hunt more birds with a bow. Now, mind you, that these birds are mostly grounded when shot.
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

i really want to try this....just need to buy a recurve first
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

It would be fun to try. It would be the ultimate challenge for sure. I'd probably give it up after getting one bird though. I'd say "Enough of this crap".
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

It'd be a tough accomplishment.
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Default RE: Bird Hunt'n /w A Bow

I just saw another show the other day (think it was Babe Winkelman Outdoor Secrets) and two guys were hunting them with bows. I'd seen other shows in the past too. They were using bows with no let off but not sure what they were and arrows with huge neon fletching so that they could hopefully find them later. About every 8 shots (According to what they said) they were connecting on roosters. They would show it in slow motion and even their misses were really close. It was funny to see in in slowmo as you'd see two arrows pass around the bird in flight. Pretty cool but wonder about the cost of arrows as I would imagine you'd lose quite a few...
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