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Gobbler Shaker

Old 03-09-2005, 07:59 PM
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Default Gobbler Shaker

Who out there uses them, and under what circumstances? (private land, public land, a locator, a way to pull in a stubborn bird) I've always told my dad (who hunts primarily national forest) to not even consider it due to safety concerns. But...nosing around in Bass Pro Shops the other day, I ended up walking out with one. More out of curiosity than anything....and yet something else to toss in the ole vest.
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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

i use the quaker boy challenging jake, and would never use it on public land. I have it mainly to pull in stubborn birds, maybe as a locator. just be sure there arent any other hunters around you.
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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

I use a Red Wolf gobble shaker,

to locate Toms early morning if owlin' doesn't

As an extra benefit if I need but I do hunt mainly private.....

Is part of my vest.

My routine to locates - hoot a bit...wait...hoot again...wait...crow call if it ain't all that dark....wait...then a gobble or two....
Birds will tell em what they like to respond to.

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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

I bought one the other day can't wait to use it here. Last year we had a large percentage of older birds in the pop. due to bad acorn crops, drought, and bad brood weather. So, I figured they may respond to some of the gobbles better than the hen calls. Last year they were covered in hens, but we took a few this past fall to thin out the pop.
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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

I have used one more than once not to locate birds, but to locate and relocate hunters. In PA there is one specific patch (Armenia Mountain for the locals) that gets hit hard every year, and I knew where there were a bunch of smart old toms roosted. I knew these toms wouldn't give up their position to locaters, so I decided to try it. There were cars all over the place in that area. I got about 1/4 mile away and let loose on the gobbler tube, and sure enough shortly after there was an army of textbook box call yelps working their way to me. I slipped out of there acrossed the Tioga river, worked around the hunters, crossed the river again, and got in to where I knew the birds were likely to fly down to and manged to kill a 17lb silent bird that morning. When I pulled the trigger I walked out by where the army of box callers where heading towards (where I originally was) and saw 4 of them all within a 200 yard circle.

With that said, I have about 400 acres this year that seems to be out of whack with gobbler/hen ratio and I am sure there will be some intense fighting between the gobblers because of this. There seems to be about 2-4 gobblers per hen this year. Since I will be the only one in there, I may use the gobbler tube a bit this year.
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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

I used a Primos shaker last season to call in a stubborn bird. After exhausting every other call I had, a couple of pumps on the tube brought that big boy screaming thru the woods towards me to whup the tom that was moving in on his space. Other times I couldn't get any response by using it. I guess it depends on the bird and the situation as whether or not it will work.
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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

the only bird I took last year would not answer or come to any call I had. he just stood out there watching his hens. they were all around me.I did the fightn purr and the hens covered me up. the gobbler would not come.the hens would start to feed away and I would call them back and the purrs would get them within 10 yards. he just stood out there. when the hens left after about an hr. they were about 40 yards out,I took the shaker and hit it real hard. he turn and cmae at me in a real fast walk. I took him at 15 yards after an hr.

I hunt mostly on land that ("there is not supose to be anyone else there")that is the noly place I use one.
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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

I use the Primos Shaker also. I have used it to call several stubborn birds.
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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

I carry the Red Wolf gobbler call myself. You have to use extreme caution when using a call like this, because that's the sound that we are all wanting to hear in the woods!! So be sure to use good judgement when deciding on bringing that call out!!
I never actually called a gobbler in when using one, but I have had them start double gobbling to it!!! Jury is still out on this call for me!!
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Default RE: Gobbler Shaker

I used on last year to bring in two stubborn birds on state land, but it was during a youth hunt and i wasnt worried about other hunters
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