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spring fever

Old 01-25-2005, 07:33 PM
Typical Buck
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Default spring fever

does anyone have acure for this affliction? i read turkey books watch videos and tv shows they only make it worse i guess the only thing is come on first week of april
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Default RE: spring fever

I dont know a cure, let me know if you find one. I had a dream about turkey hunting the other night, I guess thats a sign of some sort. I cant wait
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Default RE: spring fever

Who the heck wants to be cured??? I've talked my old man into going this year and will be taking a 400+ mile trip to make sure he goes. This will only be my 4th season turkey hunting and my dad will be the 5th person I've gotten addicted. If it weren't for geography, he'd of been the first. Good luck to all this year.
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Default RE: spring fever

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Default RE: spring fever

About 20 years ago, when I first started hunting turkeys, I didn't get too wound up about it. But as the years have gone on I've found myself getting really tensed up, excited, agitated, and ready to leap off the couch and head for the hills when watching the Outdoor Channel when a big gobbler comes struttin' in!! As was said, it's not that I want to find a cure for it because each spring goes too fast and before I know it my seasons are over and I'm begging for another spring but I've learned how to control it a little better. I've been doing more ice fishing for crappies and trout so it is keeping my mind off it somewhat but I'm ready for mid April when I get out in the woods and start calling to the birds. My season in Wisconsin doesn't start until May 11th so I've got some time to kill but I start getting up at 4:15am on most weekends, putting on the camo, the vest with calls, camera, and heading to the woods to practice calling. I've got a few "No hunting areas" close to me where the birds are hanging and I love hearing and seeing them. Tides me over until my hunts start.
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Default RE: spring fever

No cure is known by modern medicine at this time.

One's only realistic hope is to manage the symptoms as best one can.

Some useful techniques for effective management of the fever flare ups include breath control -- deep, slow, rythmic inhalations through the nose and exhaling through the mouth when you feel the shakes start. This can be repeated often through the day with no ill effects other than possible hyperventilation and dizziness if the breaths are not slow enough. It is possible that your boss and co-workers will notice, so descretion is the key in a work-place practice of the technique. This technique can be done with eyes open or closed. Most people afflicted with more advanced and chronic symptoms prefer the closed-eyes technique, since it allows for more variations of mind imaging (such as imagining a relaxing day in a hammock between palm trees on a quiet, white-sand southern Pacific beach with gently rolling torquoise breakers washing up on shore).

It is best to stay away from forums such as this. In spite of the short-term positive sensations and comfort associated with a "fix" of this nature, it actually exaccerbates the problem by intensifying the long-term need for more and more such "fixes."

The best mid to long term cure is to have repeated failures and frustrations every day throughout the actual turkey season, such as henned-up gobblers, hush mouth toms, other hunters ruining your hunts, hung-up longspurs, terrible weather, too many coyotes, and other such irritants and general negative experiences which you can easily associate with the affliction itself.

Another effective long-term treatment is to develop a wife that puts her foot down and demands more attention be given to her with an ultimatum that forces sanity on your part.

Good luck!

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Typical Buck
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Default RE: spring fever

thanx to all for the counseling i guess I really donnot want to be cured I just want the days leading up to opening day to go by faster my name is ultimag and Iam a turkeyholic there it is Iadmiitted it
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Default RE: spring fever

I'm in denial!!! never had spring fever!!!!I'm not a turkeyholic
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Default RE: spring fever

I watch videos (bought a whole bunch at an outdoor store on sale for $1.99 each yesterday!!) and, in mid-March go "scoutin.'" Trouble with scoutin' is that if you are too good at it, come opener, its over all too quickly!!

So, to prolong the addiction, I also hunt other states, and recruit other, new addicts by "guiding" them from time to time.

Today I found out I got a Minnesota tag, but not until May 20th, my second choice. Guess I'll be hitting the road before then to feed my addiction in other states!!
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Default RE: spring fever

i don't think their is enough medicine in the whole world that would cure me of turkey hunting.
i am hooked and when i go to the sports show this weekend,i will have the fever.
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Quick Reply: spring fever

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