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Shotgun Question

Old 01-13-2005, 08:29 AM
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Default Shotgun Question

Do you really need camo on your shotgun? I have an all black Remington 870 12 guage. This is going to be my first year of Turkey hunting and was just curious wether ot not I need to concern myself with como on my gun?
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Default RE: Shotgun Question

No. A lot of people say that you need camo on your gun. I've been hunting turkeys for 4 years and have takem 6 birds all with a Benelli Super Black Eagle That is black.
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Default RE: Shotgun Question

I painted my 870 supermag myself with some spray paint. I was nervous at first, but once I started, I took my time and it turned out good. My hunting buddies commented on how good it turned out. Don't need camo gun, but what can it hurt?
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Default RE: Shotgun Question

I just put a camo stock on my 870 Express, but the truth is you dont need it. The reason I put the stock on is because I want to put on a Limbsaver R3 recoil pad, and I don't believe they make one that will fit the 870 Express wooden stock. Also, I found the Remington camo stock on special at Wally World for $13!
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Default RE: Shotgun Question

Not if you only show em the skinny end.
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Default RE: Shotgun Question

No if it has a dull finish... If you think it might have some shinny spots on it then I would camo it with paint or Camo Clad...
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Default RE: Shotgun Question

Buttonbuck is exactly right,it certainly cant hurt!Mr.Longbeard makes an excellent point!Years ago a bigole gobbler caught me out in the open and in my haste to set-up I plopped down behind a bigole blowdown log that I thought concealed me great!I rested my gun over the log not paying attention to the fact because of my haste that I set-up looking back into the sun with it beating down on me!The gobbler was in sight at no time with just a few calls but I knew something was wrong because just as he was about to step into range he kept eyeballing my set-up and soon thereafter was angling away looking my way the whole time!As he walked out of sight I looked my situation over and saw that the sun was shining like reflected light off my shiny gun barrel!Take it for what its worth but my turkey gun doesn't shine anymore even if it is in the sun!!
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Default RE: Shotgun Question

I don't think it matters as much as people think. Stay completely still, and don't call when the turkey is close that way they don't pinpoint the sound location. This will prevent them from seeing little things like a gun without camo on it. I can't hurt though, and I shoot a mossberg in full woodland camo.
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Default RE: Shotgun Question


Do you really need camo on your shotgun?

Absolutely not! I've used a Remington 870 SPS-T the last 12 years now. It has a black synthetic stock on it and I've never felt compromised by it. Sure, the camo guns look nice, but the turkeys don't care what your gun looks like. The best camo is NO MOVEMENT!
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Default RE: Shotgun Question

Thanks a lot for everyones input. It is greatly appreciated.
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