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Primos Gobbler Call

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Default Primos Gobbler Call

Hey, I am trying to figure out how to draw in a gobbler that has hens with him in a field. Alot of people tell me, only thing is a gobbler call. I have only been using mouth calls, with decent success.

this call makes some really realistic jake gobbles by shaking. But trying to make a mature sound, is hard. They tell you to basically move with both hands like an accordian. It, I guess could pass for a male turkey. Anybody have success with these tubes? A neighbor said he just shakes his lyman box call to make a gobble sound and locator. It also maybe could pass as a gobble. I bought that too to complement my calls.

Which one do you use?
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Default RE: Primos Gobbler Call

i have the same call i hole the hard plastic side with one hand for a gobbler. and the rubbery side with one hand for jake. i had a gobbler 2 years ago that would go to a strut zone everyday on the end of this point and there was a open field on one side and this point wasnt 20 yards inside of the field edge then droped off. no way to sneek. so i set up and called but this i used that call and sounded like a jake , brought him around the point far enough for the shot , and he was a big one.
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Default RE: Primos Gobbler Call

I had one of those shake gobble calls. It was made by Quaker Boy and it sounded pretty good. I only used it once in the woods. They make a jake model and a tom model.
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Default RE: Primos Gobbler Call

ORIGINAL: bigcountry

LARGE SNIP.................

Which one do you use?
I use a Red Wolfe Shaker put out by Hunter Specialties®.
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Default RE: Primos Gobbler Call

Thanks guys, on friday morning, I saw, I believe the same gobbler with some hens + another gobbler, same place. But they were 60 yards out. I tried out that call, but they didn't pay me any mind. The strutin gobbler was more concerned with the other gobbler than my shaking.

Then in a 20min, a bunch of deer was in the field and started blowing. I figured they were blowing at the turkeys or winded us.
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Default RE: Primos Gobbler Call

i've got the same call this year. i had a bird about 100 yds across a pasture from me and he wouldn't cross it for for close to an hour. just strut at the edge and gobble. i gave a few pumps on the call like a mature gobbler. he thought another tom was moving in on his hen and came across the pature like he was shot from a cannon. it's the only time i've used it but it worked like a charm.
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Default RE: Primos Gobbler Call

I really think that you need to pick your time and place for the gobble call. I have no doubt that they work, but sometimes they do more harm than good. For example our 2nd season here in Iowa I was working two birds that were hotter than hell, probley the most gobbling I have heard from two birds at once. These birds would gobble at everything I did. They got within about 50-60 yards and hung up. I tried everyting I could think of including the silent treatment and that didn't work so I tried the gobble call and I have never seen two birds move away any faster than they did all the while gobbling as they left the area in a hurry. I am sure that these birds had thier share of but kicking this spring and decided they did not want any more. I think that the gobble call would be best used on a dominate bird, unlike these two subordinate birds. Just my opinion.
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