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Ok so what about chokes?? I have shells so no need to talk about those haha
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Originally Posted by Wisbowhunter09 View Post
Ok so what about chokes?? I have shells so no need to talk about those haha
I use a Wrights Swarm Tube. I have used several others with great success on the pattern boards. I shoot out to 50yds in my tests from sandbags and scoped if possible.
I have found that tubes in the .655 to be the tightest that I would shoot with 5's or 6's. I kinda lean towards the .660 or .665. I just find that they produce the most consistent patterns time after time with 5's or 6's. I have not shot the duplex loads, 7-1/2's or 4's that much unless the customer really wants it. They buy the shells and I give them the results and let them figure out where to go next. I just like how the 5's and 6's pattern for me and my set-up. I will back up my stack with a 3-1/2" Hevi-Shot load of 4's for JIC shot if needed or a 'yote looks like he may get too close for his comfort.

And RPD63, I got my Winchester Rooster's at Gander Mtn. I just bought the last 6bxs of them last week. They are closing their doors by me and have stuff 15% off to clear out. I bought a bunch of other ammo as well.
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Originally Posted by Topgun 3006 View Post
I wish they made the XRs in 2 3/4", as I have to use their older turkey loads in my Model 1200 Winchester. I used the Benelli my buddy left up here two years ago when he flew back to FL the following Spring with 3" XRs and the pattern they had at 40 yards was unreal. He sold that shotgun to another friend of his last Spring that lives in upper MI and I gave the guy the 8 remaining shells in the box I had bought and told him he was good to go for 8 years with them!
GOOD NEWS!!!! I just looked at MidWay USA and they have 15bxs of 2-3/4" LB Roosters in 4's for 11.50per bx. Go getcha some!!!
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Originally Posted by Wisbowhunter09 View Post
Eh it's not that great
In that case...Comp-N-Choke or Indian Creek. I shoot a Comp-N-Choke XX Full, and currently run 3" Win Supreme #5 thorough mine, though the mfgr recommends XXX Full for that size shot. My wife flipped her bird off its feet with an Indian Creek 20ga. It did a mid-air 360.

I've also shot 3" Hevi-shot #4 and 3" Wingmaster HD #6 through my Comp-N-Choke too. Dead turkeys.
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Primos jellyhead with hevishot magblend works the best in my 835
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I thought of giving my opinion on this. One choke that I have that works wonders when I use it is the X-factor Ulti-Full choke tube. It has great reviews online, and I give it 5 stars. I believe when I used my caliper to measure constriction, it read .695 constriction. I also use another choke tube I bought years ago that doesn't have any writing on it. I don't know the brand or the maker, but I do know that it is really tight. On paper at forty yards the turkey is DEAD. The constriction is .669 (17mm).
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The best turkey chokes that I have used are the Hevishot Turkey Choke tubes.
Also, I am excited about the new Hevishot Hevi 18 TSS Turkey shells.
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Talking Best Choke for 20G 870

Just wondering what the best choke would be for a 20 gauge rem. 870 in your opinions
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Originally Posted by Patrick.long View Post
Just wondering what the best choke would be for a 20 gauge rem. 870 in your opinions
I bought a Primos turkey choke and use #5 winchester supremez for my youth model 20 ga.

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