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Turkey hunting help.

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Default Turkey hunting help.

I have gone out a handful of times this season and have heard gobblers and called to them but can't seem to get them to come all the way in. I am very limited to where I can hunt right now so stalking is very limited. I have a single hen decor(yes, I know adding a jake might help) and am using mainly a glass call. Was I calling to much that the gobblers kinda got call shy or were waiting for me to come to them or maybe they were actually coming in but I never saw them(might have seen me first)? Did they find other hens before they got to my setup?

Any help would be great.
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Also, I only used face camo(paint) on one of those hunts as far as I can remember.
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No one can tell if you are calling too much because we don't know how you have been hunting. However, if you have a gobbler coming, the less calling the better, if he hangs up a few low calls or purrs can get them back on track. If you are answering the gobbler each time he calls, you probably are calling too much. One of the most common mistakes.
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Very helpful. thanks. I probably was calling too much most of the time at least. Also, how about the technique where, say, a gobbler is hung up and you are calling but can't get him to come in, so you retreat back in the other direction a lil' and call to simulate the hens moving away to get him so start moving again. Has that worked worked for anyone??
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I am no expert. When a tom answers me i will not call to him until he gobbles at least twice on his own. As long as he seems to be coming i do not call, if he seems to be lost as to where I am i will give a very soft call and then silence. Make him look for you, if he is interested he will find you!
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Once answers you, call less frequently and not as loud. He knows where you are. Don't answer him everytime. This is when some light scratching in the leaves helps and contented purring will help "sell the scene".
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Less is generally better, you may well have been dealing with a Tom that had hens
with him, he'd come a little towards you and then realize his hens were moving away
and run back to them. Sometimes what can also work if a tom moves towards you and then moves away is moving to where you think he was when he gobbled closest to you
and then call from there ---if you can do that without busting him. Good luck!
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I hunt Merriams and get a gobbler most every year by getting aggressive with my calling, when a gobbler hangs up as soon as I know he cant see me I move forward about 50 ft. fast and in a min or two call again, this almost always brings them in.
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not sure what type of Bird your hunting,If they hang up ,I do a walk away.Walk back 50 feet then call then 75 feet ,,Then get back to original set up and sit in silence till he shows himself.After he hammers a couple times then do a soft call that usually does the trick---Good Luck--
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