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Coon Hunters?

Old 01-30-2002, 09:50 PM
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Default Coon Hunters?

Anyone here ever do any coon hunting? We do a good bit around here. It helps to thin out those pesky nest robbers. Im sure that many a turkey has lived because of all the coons we kill.
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Coon Hunters?

I coon hunted for about 25 years. Bred my own strain of english redticks for 22 years. some of my most cherished memories are the years my boys and I were coon and bobcat hunting. But alas, nothings for ever, they discoverd girls and decided that there was better things to catch at night than raccoons. So I sold off my dogs and started staying home at night.(Made my wife happer anyhow.)
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Default RE: Coon Hunters?

I used go alot 10 years ago or so.I do alot of bear hunting now.I'd be afraid to turn a dog loose at night around here now.Too many wolves.
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Default RE: Coon Hunters?

Used to go all the time with my dad growing up, but that's been about 20 years ago. I miss that sweet sound of our dogs getting a coon treed...

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Default RE: Coon Hunters?

I used to love coon huntin.We had redbones and black and tans.After my last hound passed away I never got another one.
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Default RE: Coon Hunters?

i used too...started at 6 or 7...i loved it...but when i was turnin 12 we moved...and had to get rid of the hounds...broke my heart! i want more hounds so bad...the only thing i found better is turkey hunting...both non stop action...i need to talk my parents into lettin me buy my own dog!..another problem was my dad couldnt hunt as much as we did...wed hunt 5-7 times a week...and he changed shifts and we couldnt get out cept a 2 days i think...but im old and responsible enough to run alone i think...maybe one day soon!

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Default RE: Coon Hunters?

Grew up by Probtrappers side and spent countless hours runnin coon and bobcat!I miss those cold clear nights being lit up by hot race with the hounds right on a coons tail.I'll tell ya, waitin for that first strike of the night is like waitin for that first gobble of the mornin!<img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: Coon Hunters?

Hey Spit-n-Drum where at do you coon hunt, public or private land? Around Baton Rouge?
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Default RE: Coon Hunters?

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