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Choke for 20 gauge

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Default Choke for 20 gauge

I have a Remington 870 express magnum 20 gauge. I was wanting to try to do some turkey hunting with it. Can you guys give me some advice on a choke to buy for it? The two chokes I was considering right now are the Remington super full lead only choke and the Carlsons full choke. Would either of these work? Are there other chokes I should consider or would one of these work?
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the best i did with an old rem. wingmaster youth, 6 to 8 pellets in neck bone,brain, at 35yds rem x-full. tightwad tube wasn not as tight. this was rem.turkey loads 5 shot 3" may try 6 shot next. this is my old man gun i plan on shooting a turkey with it.time will tell good luck
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I asked a lot of questions of chokes and ammo for the 20ga for turkey hunting at:


Clark Bush was very helpful and informed me to use the SSX choke, I ordered from him, fast service
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My son has the same gun and it is deadly and I mean deadly at 40yds. He is shooting a Hevi shot choke and Hevi shot #6's and is putting anywhere between 25 and 40 pellets in the neck and head of the cheap paper turkey targets. Havent done the 10" and 3" circle test with his gun because I'm not all about how many I can put in there as long as the bulk of my pattern is where I want it. Anyways that combo has worked great for his. Good luck.
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My nod would be for a choke tube rated for the "hevi" stuff. I recommend searching this section. This question gets raised every season.

Comp N Choke and Indian Creek are two companies that make are known to make good turkey chokes.

When you find a choke tube that works well in your gun, use it.
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Best 20 gauge choke that I found for a my wife's Mossberg 500 is the "Swarm" by Wright's chokes. .555 constriction. Good patterns.
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Contact trulock and ask for George;

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I got well over a $1000 in chokes and all of the above mentioned and Pure Gold .570 has the best yet for me...
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same gun I have...I use a Primo's Jellyhead and Winchester Double X 3" shells...it'll drop at about 50 yards if you practice enough.
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Originally Posted by Bible_Man View Post
Best 20 gauge choke that I found for a my wife's Mossberg 500 is the "Swarm" by Wright's chokes. .555 constriction. Good patterns.
+100% I have the same tube and with Hevi-13's in a Rem. 11-97 Premier, and it is deadly beyond what most people would tend to believe!!! I went to stewart and got my tube from him at his house. I have known stewart and his wife for over 30yrs and have bought various tubes and work from him over the years. His choke tube, The Swarm, set the worlds record with 43 pellets in a 4 inch circle at 40yds, with factory bought shells, Hevi-13 6's, back in the early 2000's and has set more world records than any other tube out there!!!!
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