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What to do ???

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Default What to do ???

ok this is my first year turkey hunting so im still learning. This am i got to the field at 530am and as i was setting up my decoy two toms were on the edge of the field and they flew off into the woods. What should i do after that? should i sit there and try to call or just set up in a new spot.
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If it wasn't a "hard bump" then I'd probably sit there and see what happens. I wouldn't count on seeing those toms, but you never know what might come by. Good luck!
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I agree w/ Simp. I'd wait it out a bit - give it some time and do some light calling. It all depends on how spooked they get. You may do more harm trying to move your setup. If they didn't get spooked too bad, they'll be back.

I hunted a Tom Saturday that I almost gave the smackdown to, he got spooked in the field by another hunter but was back in less than 30 mins w/ 3 hens. Ideally, it would be nice to call in a few hens, because then he's more likely to come back...

It's hard to know what to do - honestly! Go with your gut! Sometimes completely moving (without being detected) is the way to go and sometimes just sitting tight and letting things get back to normal will do the trick. Sorry that's not much help! LOL!!!

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Have you ever thought of using a hunting blind? Obviously this wouldn't help while setting up your decoys but it would be ideal for the sit and wait.
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Originally Posted by lonewolf1990
ok This am i got to the field at 530am .

try 430...birds are on the ground around me by 5:10...gotta get up earlier!
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I would definetly go back and try again. Moose has a good point about getting there earlier. Use a hunting blind if need be. Make sure you dont have your flashlight beaming when your setting up your decoys. If your flashlight has a red beam use it. Try not to get too close as well. Stay back 100 to 150 yards from their roost. Good luck
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A lot of good answers, if after bumping them staying at least 45 minutes or so to make sure there are no other birds that might still come in then I say time to move. If you know the area your hunting and can get around the area they were bumped into then flank them in the direction that offers you the best terrain and concealment. I did this twice this year and once it payed off during the same hunt the other required a few days to pass before we could get to where they saw us again. Bottom line,think it through and plan your hunt. Nothing is fool proof but sitting where there are no Turkeys is a waste of time,get aggresive and you won't get discouraged after you mess up. When I screw up it makes me want to try harder to do a better job next time. Good Hunting,go get em!
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