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Last Hunt of the Season

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Default Last Hunt of the Season

Here is a tale. All 100% factual and unbelievable.

It was a turkey hunting scene made for TV.

The decoys were in the field, I was in the blind overlooking a secluded 175 yard long field on a sunny, 72 degree afternoon.

The bird gobbled once. The gobble was loud. I knew he was in the field.

The field is laid out perfect. The North end is a hill top. Any Tom that walked out on the North end of the field would see the decoys on the lower South end. And I knew the bird frequented that hill top. I studied and listened. I did my homework. The work was about to pay off.

The bird was silent for about 4 minutes. But not much longer. Gobbled once again. And then he was hooked. He gobbled at a interval of about 30 seconds. He started fanning and slowly making his was down the hill on a bee line for the decoys. Puffed up and fanning. Gobbling like crazy. By all appearances, the bird is an older bird. Dark as coal. Rich colors on his head.

The hunt on that day was on the public grounds at a large reservoir. Brookville reservoir is a 16,000+ acre body of water. It is a popular destination for boaters. The water was definitely crowded.

The bird hadn’t departed from his path. He was coming straight in. At first sight he was about 110 yards away. Then he was at 80 yards.

Back to the reservoir… in the background, to the East, I heard a boat engine rumbling to a stop near the shore, over 500 yards away to the best of my knowledge. From a sound system that would put a big city thug’s stereo system to shame:

“Party rockers in the house tonight, Everybody just have a good time,... Everybody just have a good time, Party Rockers in the house tonight, Everybody just have a good time...” (my kids tell this is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. A song that I will despise for the remainder of my days.)

Amazingly, the boat found the exact spot on the 16,000+ acre lake to stop and use the hollers and hills to pipe the music into the secluded field almost as if it was all planned.

Apparently the bird did not want to join the party to have a good time. The bird came to a halt. Stood there. Looked once, looked twice. About face.*


And to rub it in, on the very last day that I could go turkey hunting in the Spring of 2012, the boat was gone in a matter of minutes also.

There is always next year :^)

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Sorry to hear about your luck.. I was hoping you was going to let us all know about the turkey being brought down.. As you stated hopefully you will have better luck next year.. It is still great to be out there though and being able to see one on the last day makes it even better..
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Every day to be out chasing Turkey's is a blessing! Sometimes it's not the bird that makes the hunt - but the experience! Usually it's a LEARNING experience... LOL!

Give 'em HECK next year!!!!

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