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Remember, Mix It Up!

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Lightbulb Remember, Mix It Up!

This weekends hunt I think was a success because I used 3 types of calls. A Box Call, Slate Call and Mouth Call. The fact that we had 4 Toms gobbling in 4 diffferent locations in my opinion made multiple call use a good tactic. Having no Hens in sight did not hurt our chances for sure,also it was the first day of the season. The birds had no pressure on them up to that point so they seemed eager to come with all these factors in our favor.
Based on what I saw the soft tree yelp and soft cluck got thier undevided attension off the bat. Once I heard them moving toward us the yelp and cutting hen calls kept them coming. Once ther were in clear view I did some clucks and purrs and our closest Tom seem to be totally at ease and move close to the decoys.
I feared over calling at one point but each time I called I got multiple gobbles until they got within 60 to 70 yards. Once I saw them I backed off like I said except for the soft clucks and purrs.
How many of you use 2,3 or more different calls when working the birds? I want to be a better caller,so if you have any input please share with me and others what works well for you in different situations. Thanks

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If I'm setting up on a field or strutt zone, I mix calls up that I use. Like I've heard mentioned by many other hunters I too call every 15 to 30 min. When I call I use a mouth call and do some soft yelps, just in case there's a bird close. If I hear nothing or it's a little windy or in this years case the woods are really green, I use my glass call or my old lynch box to carry the sound then wait to do it again. I've switched to a mouth call many times just for movement reasons while working a bird. I dont know if it helps me by switching calls but don't think it hurts your chances either. If I know a bird is within 100yds and on his way, I usually don't call, just scratch in the leaves and keep my eyes peeled!
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thanks for the advice. Missouri's season just opened Monday, I can't wait to get out of class and down to the farm on thursday. It's my first turkey hunt.
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This makes me want to get out this weekend!
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It really just depends on the situation for me. If the birds aren't gobbling. I change it up till I get a response.
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I use a slate,box, and mouth call. I like the mouth call because it keeps movement to a minimum and most importantly I am able to keep my hands on my gun
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