Turkey Hunting Whether it's spring or fall doesn't matter to this bunch. Great tips on calling, bustin flocks, using blinds and more.

roost shooting

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Anyone who claims to know it all about turkey hunting is the same guy who has woman figured out what are the chances of that happening in 1 lifetime . lol
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I hunt in Ontario and as mentioned don't like the idea of shooting a bird on a tree.
On actual hunts personal ethics and fair chase rules and it overrides the killing portion of the hunt. The turkey hunt gives me this opportunity as you can scout, call them in then you can decide to either kill it or let it go.
I guess my idea of hunting is being out there and listening to the birds and calling wild Turkeys in. The rest of the hunt is just a bonus.
Turkey hunt is also unique as it gives you all the opportunity of making it a hard hunt or an easy hunt e.g. to shoot only a particular bird for that year...etc.
I passed so many shots in hunting wild turkeys which gives me the benefit of a long hunt from April 25th to the end of May. On occasions I had driven 2 hrs. to hunt another place when I know I had 4 toms at my doorsteps regularly.I try to shoot 2 turkeys one on the start of the season then another towards the end, calling for friends in between. Guess that's a life for a retiree.
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Wasn't my argument but Phil, I think turkeys cross the field to the silo just like seals go in the water to eat! It's risky but hey, gotta eat!
The whole shoot em off the roost thing, well not sure where I stand. It must be easier for some of you to walk under a rooster bird than it is here in Alabama. I have gotten close enough to see them but not in range, and that was too close. I hunted Texas once and their birds all roosters together, think it would be bad to shoot those birds. But here, I agree with Mojotex, if he flys up on a limb near me I'm shooting. I like calling and doing all that good springtime hunting, but turkey hunting is about making the best of the situation at hand, and being able to pull it off. I've also never had one do that, but hard to imagine me not shooting if he did.
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I have watched them on the roost, and heard them, and watched them fly off, in another direction most times. However, I was taught better when I was introduced to turkey hunting. Never would I shoot one off the roost even if it was the last minutes of the last day.
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Default roost shooting

Well, I've read everyone of these post about shooting a bird in a tree, ducks on the water, and a beded deer. Folks I think some of you need to sit back and take a breath. If it's legal to do either of the above in your state, as some have said, then it's up to the individual. Basically we are hunters, and as an example, for those that mentioned not shooting a beded deer, I guarantee you, if they happened up on a big Boone & Crockett buck beded, they would most likely shoot. It's called hunting (as I said, if it's legal), quit bashing people you don't agree with.

I'v seen toms' on the roost at daybreak and out of range, so I will honestly say, I don't know what I would do, however I don't think any of the above situations are wrong if legal. So some of you need to shut up, what a person decides to do is none of our business (again, if legal).


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Originally Posted by GoldenEagle
Anyone who claims to know it all about turkey hunting is the same guy who has woman figured out what are the chances of that happening in 1 lifetime . lol
ha I have wimmen figured out!

They get old, crankier, and uglier.......half the fun of turkey hunting now is no nagging to be heard!

Now Turkeys on the other hand - well 25 yrs this yr and still in school! But I have found it easier.......

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A woman's heart is like an Anthill it has too many chambers that the deeper you get into it the more chance you'll get lost.
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Originally Posted by Adrian J Hare
RR you been drinking ? wow now your starting to sound like Ol Longbeard
Hey even after I read it I thought it sounded like some of my work lol...

Either way I can relate to RR's pain... I hunt just across the river from him in Md...

I joined a hunting club in southern Md and this is the second opening day that I have not hunted western Md... And my heart has alway's been in them mountains...
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