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More New Guy Questions

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Default More New Guy Questions

I have enlisted a friend who is going to take me hunting next spring so I have narrowed that down. He also gave me the run down an calls, gear etc.... I do have a couple of questions. As far as gun patterns go: Is it better to have a camo pattern or does the standard walnut stock do? I am just not a fan of synthetic stocks and I like the look of the wood. Call me picky but its just a personal preference. Also, what videos do you recommend? I want something that is educational but like some of the deer hunting shows that are out there. I want something like Deer and Deer Hunting that shows some huts but also shows the steps leading up to and techniques that are used. Thanks in advance.
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Wood stocked shotguns have downed more birds than camo'd shotguns over the years. As long as it shoots a good pattern and you shoot within your, and the shotguns' limits, you'll be fine. Check Youtube for videos and how-to's. It's free and there are tons of them out there. Good luck!
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As long as your gunstock's finish doesn't reflect light, you're good to go. If you have a shiney finish on stock or metal, you'll eventually spook a bird. A matte finish is more important than a camo pattern.
Forget the turkey hunting videos. They are entertainment, or info-mercials not instructional videos. The suggestion of Youtube videos is a good one.
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If a shiny gun is a problem, just go to a fabric store and get a yard of camo fabric and wrap you gun with it.
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If he's close enough to see your stock, you should be wearing him over your shoulder on the way to the truck! LOL!! Like simp said, wood stocked shotguns have been the end to many a longbeard. My shotgun is camo, but not for hiding, I'm just rough on guns during turkey season. I move a lot and and hunt swamps, but no matter where your at seem to always get in some kinda crawling sneaking situation and I just hate to scratch up a pretty stock. Videos might help a little as far as how they might setup in a certain situation, but usually it's all about how the particular property your on is set up, scouting and knowing what block of woods of field he likes will dictate that. Those movies will get you fired up though!!! Hahaha!!! Good luck and hunt safe
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I've used a non camo shotgun since 1994 and have had turkeys within 10 feet of me, with no problem, and I sneak in close getting a nice gobbler almost every year.

Videos, cant think of any good ones right now.
Locating Turkeys.....Reaserch on the web first I.E. turkeys in elpaso county, canyons, trails etc. ask friends, game wardens etc. then look at a map of the area locate creeks,tanks etc. then find the south or east facing hills,mtns, or gullies with roost able trees. Thats your starting point.
My best teacher was the hunt. If they don't come your way just wait and learn their habits, in my opinion knowing their habits is your best edge.
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