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Youngest hunter to take turkey

Turkey Hunting Whether it's spring or fall doesn't matter to this bunch. Great tips on calling, bustin flocks, using blinds and more.

Youngest hunter to take turkey

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Default Respectfully but strongly disagree

Originally Posted by Whitetailmadness
I assume by the fact you say that the gun should be light on his shoulder that he's never shot it before. If thats the case I wouldnt even take him out and try to shoot a bird untill he's been to the range and actually shot it. Not to mention the amount of gun safety he needs to know about before ever shooting it. Don't get me wrong cause I know you're anxoius to get him out there,bhut that little man needs some training before an actual hunt takes place. Just my opinion. I'd hate to hear of that little guy getting hurt by not knowing what to expect.

I think it's a mistake to let the little ones shoot to big of guns on paper at to early an age. A lot of bad habits will be picked up such as flinching. My son is now nine. He has shot 22 and 410 since he was 2 years old and that's all he will shoot on paper until he is 13 or so. When he was 8 he killed his first buck with a .308. He turkey hunts with a 12 with 2 3/4" shell. He has and will only shoot them at game. With the adrenaline on game they will never know but on paper it's to much. Heck since he was about 7 when he wants to shoot if I'm busy I reach him the 22, a box of ammo and let him get after it alone.
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Ive taught and taken many.children out.
My suggestion. Practice only with the lightest trap load you can find. Or have someone teload a 7/8s ounce load for you.
​​​​​​The only shot with the Hevi shot load should be the day he kills a bird.
I also suggest using a gun pod. That steadies the firearm for any shooter and will help alleviste a bit of recoil.
I have several from a simple trigger stick to the bog tripod (preferred).
The pod also helps with gun control after the shot.
Just a suggestion. Make it fun.


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I got back a little after midnight Sunday morning from Texas chasing turkeys. Last weekís journey started a little over a year ago. I was chatting with a guy that served with dad in Vietnam about his Texas ranch and I asked about Rio Grande turkeys. He has plenty of them and invited me over to hunt. He barely knew dad in Vietnam, but that was because of the circumstances of combat and being in different platoons in a company of 150ish men. I honestly donít recall dad ever talking about Chuck, but that doesnít mean anything. I was Opieís son, and I was family. This is exactly why I love my Charlie Company (C/1/503/173d ABN SEP) family. The drive there took us through Ft. Sumner, NM, so of course we took the side trip to see Billy the Kid's grave.

My lovely wife let me start making plans for turkey hunting in Texas this spring and a friend went with me. This trip was even more special because I planned it to be down turkey hunting during the anniversaries that haunt me the most. Iíd be turkey hunting on the anniversary of the day that I last spoke to my dad and it was a conversation that didnít end well. Iíd be driving home on the 18th anniversary of the day dad died. Turkey hunting was one of the two things that always brought me and dad together during our frequent rough patches growing up. Itís a big part of why I love turkey hunting so much. I also found out that another one of dadís Charlie Company buddies and his wife were driving up to see us Friday since they were only two hours away. Iíve been close to John and Evelyn since I first met them in 1995 and Iíd be lost without them in my life.

Chuck told me stories Iíd never heard, and I got to sit and listen to John and Chuck talk about my dad in a way I donít think Iíd ever heard anyone talk before. John kept me close and reminded me who I am and where I came from. My family grew bigger, and I knew dad was smiling down holding his rangefinder binoculars, as was my mom. Sheíd have loved Chuck and Cheryl and I know she loved John and Evelyn.

My buddy and I covered ground and talked turkey all day Thursday, but we came up empty. We did see three live armadillos, though. That was a first for me. Friday morning was different. We finally got into gobblers and worked them for over an hour before finally getting them to commit. At 1045, I finally connected with my first Texas Rio Grande gobbler (after 3 trips to TX) and my first turkey in way too long! It was a surreal feeling and Iím not sure how I held in the tears. I absolutely felt my dadís presence. I felt completely surrounded by family in that moment. I loved walking back heavy. I loved calling to that other bird for my buddy on the walk back. I wish it would have worked out, but we had to hustle back to meet everyone for lunch. My tom weighed 17 lbs, had 1-inch spurs, and had a 10.5-inch beard. He was a perfect, mature boss tom. One of my favorite parts was that I primarily used a bocote wood pot call that my son, Jacob, made for me, too! My buddy got his tom Friday afternoon, as I was hanging out with my family.

Getting my Rio Grande gobbler was having my cake and getting to eat it, too. Being with Chuck, Cheryl, John, and Evelyn was getting to have ice cream with my cake. I found a long-missing piece of my heart and I was able to heal a broken piece of my heart for the first time in 18 years. This journey started as a turkey hunt in Texas, but it ended being so much more than a turkey hunt. It also started what is going to be an epic April turkey season for me this year. I wish I knew why these pics came in sideways. Uggh.

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I take this subject as nothing but parental bragging rights "my XX year old" shot their first turkey. I don't see any real value in worrying about the child's age.
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only 6 years old, so young
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That's amazing
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Yes they are really young
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