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choke help

Old 04-11-2011, 10:09 PM
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Default choke help

Ok so I am using my buddies tri-star O/U to do some turkey hunting as I do not have my own shotgun yet. I was looking at chokes and thinking about goin with the truglo gobble stopper. Any other suggestions? Not wanting to spend much because it uses the benelli/beretta style chokes and I have no interest in purchasing either of those brands when I get my own shotgun.

Also, would it be a good idea to buy chokes for both barrels?
What is a decent ammo that wont break the bank?
I patterned the chokes the gun included but they were not very good according to the article in the tips and tricks. And not accurate past 20 yds.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, really wanting to get out there this weekend and do a mix of shed hunting and turkey hunting!
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hey buddy, get the tru glo and try some remington nitros out of it then some winchester hv or winchester double x.. and no need to buy a choke for both barrels.. put in the factory full and that way you have a great "short range" barrel and a "longer range" barrel.. BOTTOM LINE.............find your max distance and do not shoot past it. this is a rule for everyone even us guys with dedicated turkey guns.. good luck this year and hope you find some sheds..
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You can certaintly give the TruGlo choke a shot. I have always liked the Winchester HV #6 shells.
Since you are shooting an over under you will need to make sure both barrels shoot to point of aim.
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Damn I am having a helluva time finding one of these truglo chokes. Cabelas is out of stock and no one local to me has one either. Might have to try something else.
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Just about any aftermarket 'turkey' choke will improve on what you already have. I wouldn't spend much on something you don't plan on keeping long. Spend a little less now so you have more to spend on your own turkey gun!

I'd say whatever you buy should increase your range to at least 30y if not more. Most of the turkeys I've shot have been inside that range anyway.

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Got the gun store to order me one of the truglo's. Should be here tomorrow sometime! I tried out some Federal ammo as well the other night and it shot a lot better patterns than the Winchester. Cant wait to get up early on Saturday!
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