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Turkey slams

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Default Royal slam

Turkey slams-img_0387.jpg

Turkey slams-img_0419.jpg

Turkey slams-img_0426.jpg

Here are the pic's of both Rio Grande (a double) the Eastern and the Osceola. All these hunts have been from help with friends in Texas, Georgia and Florida and very little out of pocket expense. The last two Merriam's and Gould I am completely on my own.
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As previously stated, not everyone pays for it. I know a few guys here that have a slam, couldn't hunt on their own to save their lives, still have trophies all the same.
Huntings a series of personal accomplishments, its not a damn competition and wavin slams and trophies around doesn't mean anything. The guy doin the most waving probably paid someone else to do the footwork on the hunt and they just pulled the trigger.
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There's nothing wrong with being proud of your accomplishments I think each person finds satisfaction in different things - not so much how many points a bird scores, or what species maybe - but the thrill of working a bird and out-smarting him. Or sometimes the best hunt - is one that results in no turkey being killed, but the thrill of the hunt itself.

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I am planning on getting the Osceola in the next couple years. Took a Rio, Merriams and Eastern last year all in the same week in 3 different states. Nebr, Texas & Iowa!
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I have two slams so far, looking to eventually finish out the royal & word. I have a line on a hunt for the ocellated, but nothing yet for gould's. northern mexico doesn't look all the appealing given what has been going on there. I would not go with out a group for sure. Have to have someone to talk to in the prison's there

May look into the draw for Arizona, might be a bit safer
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Originally Posted by bullmoose38
Hers is a pic of my bowslam mounts. The bases are the outline of the states. My ultimate goal is getting one in as many states as I can with the bow.
if your looking for a spring or fall hunt in kentucky,ive got some NICE land.
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Smile Completed royal slam

My Gould’s turkey taken this weekend in the Chiricahua's of southern Arizona gives me the multi-season royal slam, one to go for the single season royal slam. Getting drawn for the Gould turkey was the only reason I took on the quest for the royal slam. this bird has an 8" beard

Headed back to New Mexico for the Merriam's after I attend the Royal Wedding to complete my Royal Slam.

Little footnote all of my birds have been taken in the good Ole United States of America. Most hunters complete their Royal Slams by taking their Gould's in Mexico.

Turkey slams-img_0444.jpg

Turkey slams-img_0449.jpg

Turkey slams-img_0450.jpg
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Wow! Way to go larswildu I am definately jealous that is a great trophy and a great achievement!
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Thumbs up Grand Slam

I completed my multi-season grand slam last spring...self guided...public land. Pretty cheap "vacations" (gas and licenses) and I got to turkey hunt. My wife is a Rio from completing her grand slam. We plan to go get her a Rio and then work to get the Gould turkey tags to finish off our Royal Slams. I did it for the extra chance to turkey hunt and the adventures along the way. The grand slam was just an extra accomplishment that I'm proud of.

Congrats Larswildu! Nice Job! Were you successful in NM for the merriam?
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Personally, in the past, I could care less on slams. Until this year had only hunted Easterns. However, being I've got 2 Osceolas, and the Rio/Merriams are close by, I might start thinking about a slam. However, being I'm on a pretty tight budget, I'm not paying outfitters to get one.
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