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Default Question on Turkey Choke on Mossberg 835

Just bought a new 835 Ultri Mag Turkey Tactical came with Ported x factor or Acc-Choke turkey choke does good a neck pattern? what is the best turkey choke on 835 on 12 ga Have you experience with 835 ?
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I bought an 835 when they first came out. Back then they came with what they called their XX full turkey choke (which was hideous in regards to lousy patterns) and their regular full choke. The regular full choke that came with them shot an awesome pattern with Federal 3.5" 2 1/4 oz loads of 4 shot. I do not have any experience with what they come with now. My cuz had one too and he put a Madd Maxx .665 after market choke on his but to me it didn't shoot any better than the regular full choke did.
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I have a Pure Gold and a Primos Jelly Head for my 835. They both pattern pretty well with 2.25 oz 3.5" #6 Hevi-13s. The Primos is a bit cheaper than the PG but just as effective, at least out of my gun.
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Lotta folks report great results with the Jellyhead. Indian Creek is a good one too.
I shoot a Rhino with the Nitro shells out of mine. With that pattern I haven't done much other choke/shotshell shopping.
But I think even Nitro Ray says the Jellyhead will equal the Rhino in performance.
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My son has an 835 and he added an aftermarket choke tube that is amazing! Not sure of the brand but he will be over tonight for supper and I'll try to remember to ask for you.
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I have a Primos Jellyhead and shoot good patterns with it. I would go with an Indian Creek if I were to shoot anything else though. 3.5" 2.25 oz. #6 Hevi-13's are good factory loads in this gun/choke combo.
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I have owned the original 835, the 935 auto and now the new 835 tactical. Many/most of my friends have the 835/935 and the best chokes are the kicks, jellyhead and my personal favorite the comp-n-choke. My comp'n'choke is the xxx full and I shoot winchester turkey loads in 3.5'/#5 1/4oz shot and it patterns great. the only thing is that when the bird is 10-15 yards you better be aiming at the base of the neck because the pattern is the size of a baseball at that distance. 20-50 yards it absolutely crushes birds! I never had to shoot at a bird over 30 but I am confident that if you hunt field edges you will dust them at 50+. Throw a Simmons pro-diamond or same type recticle scope on there and you will be in business. I hope this helps you out and good luck on all of your future hunts.

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my 835 has the Indian Creek, using 3.5" Hevi-Shot #6
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Before you start buying aftermarket chokes, check the patterns with the factory supplied tube. When I got my 835 about 10 years ago, I tried several loaners from friends who had 835's. My factory choke patterned as well or better than any of the aftermarkets. I still use it.
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I have a Star Dot choke that is no longer made on my 835. They were sold by a lot of Walmart stores throughout the 90's. They were made by Highlander Sports. The one for the 835 is .676 constriction and they throw devastating patterns with the Hevi-13 loads. They are hard to find now. But I would tell you that Indian Creek makes some great chokes. I have 2 of them for my 870 and they both shoot unbelievable patterns. My guess would be a .675 Indian Creek choke would make your 835 a pure shooter with Hevi-13 loads.

I'll show you why I like the Star Dot choke on my 835 with a picture of a 10" circle I cut out from a big piece of cardboard that I always use to pattern with. This was shot a tape measured 40yds. This was using the Hevi-13 3.5" 2 and 1/4oz #7 load.

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