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locator calls

Old 04-14-2010, 01:54 PM
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Default locator calls

this year im gettin serious about turkey hunting i bought decoys got good on my calls but i was wondering about locator i dont want to buy another call ive heard that a duck call of a goose call would work but what do you think i have a short reed goose call a single and double reed duck acll and a woody call would any of those work as locators
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They may. However if the turkeys are use to hearing these sounds in your area they may not. Where I live they are so use to crows they wont gobble to them like the do in other places. Also, you may want to invest in an owl hoot!
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Let the turkeys gobble on their own. Use a crow call late in the morning maybe... but heck a car horn works pretty dang fine.

That short reed goose call should do the trick.... you can owl hoot with your voice and do just fine. You can pick it up in five minutes no problem.
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I can tell you after many years of turkey hunting that it all depends on whether a turkey will gobble at a duck/goose/crow/owl/cow/donkey/pea****/thunder or whatever noise he hears.

I have had two gobblers come in together and shot one of them and the roar of the gun made the other one gobble..

I say if you have a goose/duck call as you described then use it, it won't hurt anything. Typically they will gobble at a crow/woodpecker/coyote or owl call throughout the day but I have heard them gobble at many noises.

I've heard them gobble at bluejays, truck doors slamming, and hawks plus all the things mentioned before.

I say give them a try, it won't hurt and it may get a gobble out of some crazy ole bird..
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Owl,crow etc.are common in ur area so turkeys are less likely to gobble,The calls u have a duck goose will do just as fine as a owl ,crow etc..I personally dont use any locator calls.Cause the area i hunt they r constantly gettn those calls thrown at them.And if they do work its only for a short time before they get use to them.So i will slip in when its gettn dark when they are roosted and give them a quick shot of a hen yelp and fly up cackle.This always seems to work,even on stuborn birds.Or if u can get into the woods in the morning as its getting light before your hunt season,Just listen they will give out there location on their own!With a gobble,more likely for them to gobble when its getting light then dark.Especially on public land!This is from my experience and
This is what works for me.
Good luck to ya and have fun....
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No more than some locators cost... every turkey hunter needs a decent Owl and Crow call.
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Heck last year a cow mooed and it sent off a gobble lol dam those birds!
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In my experience about the only time locator/shock calls work is when you're very close to them.About 50 yds or less.I usually still bring them along just because I have them but 99% of the time I always end up having to yelp to get a gobble in return.On public land I like having the screaming pea**** to let an approaching hunter know I'm not the real thing.
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as far as which ones to get, OWL, CROW, and GOBBLE TUBE
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