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Default Poachers.....

One of the propertys we hunt has a TON of turkeys that are a nuisance to the owners. So he allows anyone who asks to hunt his property. So last weekend(the week before opener) two of the locals went to him and asked permission to hunt his property, saying that season there opened a week early. They went out and shot 5 birds, including a hen. This pisses me off soooooo much, it ruins our hunting, the birds, and peoples respect for hunters...>.<
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I have no respect for poachers and they need to be reported to your local Conservation Officer. They ruin hunting for everyone. I hope they get arrested and have the book thrown at them...
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Have you considered going to the owner, and informing him of these poachers actions. If he condones it, he could be in trouble himself!!
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Ditto to what Buck wrote - they stole from all ehtical hunters out there!

I'd turn them all in and pronto!

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Poachers are the scourge of the hunting world. I'd put them on the level of fleas and Michael Vick

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is it unlawful to kill so many, or did they lie to him in saying season opened a week early.are yall not allowed to shoot hens?

if they are nuisance, then i wouldnt go sayin anything to the land owner that lets yall hunt there for free. he wants em dead, and at the 1st sign of trouble from you ....you will be history...so maybe inform your dnr that this is happenin if ya care so much.

they started allowing for xbows durin archery here, but the book said only if your disabled. but the updated website said something different. did ya check you states web site to see if it didnt start early. and if ya asked an officer, lol, they dont always know either.

sometimes just tellin those guys it was wrong is a good thing ta do. maybe they dont know. i have been guilty, you can ask around here.
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[QUOTE=halfbakedi420;3603152]is it unlawful to kill so many, or did they lie to him in saying season opened a week early.are yall not allowed to shoot hens?

I don't think you're able to shoot hens in Spring turkey hunting. Not sure about autumn though.
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That's terrible! I agree with the guys here - they need to be turned in and apprehended. It's people (POACHERS) like this who ruin it for everyone!!! Landowners who are nice enough to allow their property to be hunted, take the risk of having to deal with these idiots. Besides potentially ruining your turkey season, they limit the amount of huntable land for all of us!!! I hope they get caught and severely punished... I have no sympathy or leniency for unethical "hunters".

I hope they didn't ruin your opener bud - good luck.

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We werent going there for the opener anyways, there are a couple people who bow hunt it who we give first crack at it. I checked the website to reconfirm the dates, i was correct, they were a week early, and it is illegal to shoot any non-bearded turkey in spring.

If they come back i will be sure to report, as is, i hope it was just a one time thing, and that they didnt kill the triple bearded monster, or the bearded hen
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Turning in poachers is simply the right thing to do for the image of the hunting community, for the future of the species, and ethically. But did you know you could be rewarded up to $500 by the National Wild Turkey Federation for information leading to the arrest of a poacher. Contact the NWTF for more information.
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