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Mouth Call Storage

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Default Mouth Call Storage

hey guys everyday is bringin spring and those birds closer..in the mean time how do you guys store your mouth calls..ive always just put mine in a empty dip can with a little mouth wash and put them in the fridge..anything you guys do that has worked
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I have done some research though i dont use mouth calls all that often. Things that work involve some of the same things your doing already other things to add to it would be to use tooth picks between the latex sheets. this will seperate them and keep them from sticking together. Also not putting them all in the same container will help when seperating.
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i have some old cases that are flat and ment to hold one mabey two calls... i put water in them and put them in the fridge... also small zip lock baggies work as well. also i think hunters specialties makes a special cleaning liquid but im sure mouthwash is just as good
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Quaker Boy and Knight & Hale sell call savers. Basically a plastic call box with some foam that you pour mouthwash onto to keep the calls fresh and from drying out. I never had any issues of calls sticking together? I also keep them in the fridg as well.
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I carry them in the field in one of those rubber football shaped change holders and when I'm done for the morning I will wash them good under the kitchen faucet and then lay them out on a paper towel to dry. Toothpicks work to keep the reeds separate but I usually don't bother. I can break them loose again in no time enroute to my next hunt by doing a little warm up. Occasionally I will soak them in 'Scope but even then I rinse them under the faucet and dry em out on a paper towel. Germs/bacteria just don't do well in a dry environment.

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Try the Diafresh system its a great way to keep your favorite calls away from bacteria keep them tasteing good and have them last...
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I use a small gladware container from the kitchen, pour mouthwash on them and in the garage fridge they go. Seem to hold up well.
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I thought for the longest time that I needed to do all sorts of things to take meticulous care of my calls, but I don't anymore. Although I don't advise this, I've kept the same case of 4 mouth calls in the ashtray of my truck during this entire off season, heat of summer and cold of winter, and they don't sound any worse at all, actually a little bit better. I'll have to give credit to the call maker I reckon, bc these things haven't worn out a bit. I honestly don't think the freezer or fridge is necessary, but I guess it's different for all types of mouth calls. Preston Pittman told me that once he gets the call broken in to where it makes the perfect sound he's looking for, he puts it in a ziploc bag and into the freezer. Stores it there when it's not in use. That's too much of a hassle for me, and I know I'd forget my favorite call at least twice in a season. I'll keep mine in the truck.
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What mfd said.

I wouldn't recommend storing them in water. Just making a breeding ground for bacteria.
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i put mine in a Plano storage box like you would use to keep small fishing lures. i throw some mouth wash in with them and it works pretty well
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