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Turkey's seen strutting

Old 02-06-2010, 07:10 PM
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Default Turkey's seen strutting

I've got a buddy that has already seen a couple toms strutting in a hay field. Seems kinda' early for central Alabama.......maybe the boys are going to be fired up this year.

I just hope their stamina is good and not just good out the gate.
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How warms it been down there. I see strutters in March here in Indiana. Were about a month behind Alabama. Could be possible...
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Things way out west of west are looking like early action this spring too. Toms are starting to posture a little in open fields.
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We live in a area where we see turkeys everyday of the year and have seen them strutting in the middle of the winter . Its not just when breeding season is on that they will strut .
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Hard to see turkeys strutting in 40,000 acres of hard woods... So I wont be seeing that for at least 2 month
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Yeah i seen 2 toms strutting in late December during muzzleloader season here in Michigan.

Originally Posted by halcon View Post
We live in a area where we see turkeys everyday of the year and have seen them strutting in the middle of the winter . Its not just when breeding season is on that they will strut .
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Heard two birds gobble yesterday afternoon, while shed hunting.
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Turkeys are weird like this sometimes

I remember a few years ago I was on the way to play golf with a buddy of mine in south-central Tennessee. It was July. I am always looking around for critters when driving in rural areas and on this day I saw a group of hens out in a small field with a strutting gobbler about 150 yards from the road. I didn't believe my eyes so I turned arouned and went back to verify - there he was, strutting his crazy butt off following those hens around that field. IN JULY - In Tennessee - and it was HOT.

Turkeys do really crazy things sometimes.
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I saw three Toms yesterday going at it a bit......jumping around and trying to spur each other and the field was snow covered.

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I've seen birds struting and gobbling earley and the season suck. But seen it again and had one of the best seasons ever. Don't think well ever know whats going on in that head of theres.
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