Turkey Hunting Whether it's spring or fall doesn't matter to this bunch. Great tips on calling, bustin flocks, using blinds and more.

a new-comer

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Default a new-comer

i am new to the sport of turkey hunting. i have watched it done, heard stories, and seen my fair share of them, but have never really gotten into actually hunting them.
i was wonderin if anybody couold tell me about hunting them with a bow.
i would love to arrow me a turk or two...
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The onlymajor differencebetween hunting a turkey with a bow vs with a gun is that you have to be able to draw the bow back without being seen.
If you find where they roost, where they eat, and the routes in between you will be set. A lot of people use a ground blind to conceal movement.
Good luck, and have fun.
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Default RE: a new-comer

Welcome to the wonderful world of turkey hunting...
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Default RE: a new-comer

Welcome to the most challenging and rewarding type of hunting on earth. I used to tell first time turkey bowhunters to try shotgun hunting them first to learn how to respect this animal's incredible sense of sight, but now with the type of ground blinds available, it's become very feasible for newcomers. That doesn't mean it's easy, you'll still be faced with all the challenges of turkey hunting, but it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Right now, bowseason is near and I do have my mind on deer.....but I'm looking forward to March 15th 2009 more than anything, I'm completely addicted. Be sure to stay active on here and get to know some of us, come spring time you can learn a lot about turkey hunting as these forums explode with turkey hunters that time of year.The spring contest on here is a great time to learn a lot, it's always a lot of fun. There's a fall contest as well if you're interested, I'm sure you could learn a little by taking part in it. Good luck!
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Default RE: a new-comer

They can be tough to kill with a bow. It's a small target with small vitals, and their eyesight can be really tough to beat. I've shot two, and didn't recover either. One was a bad shot/bad hit. The other was a pretty good hit, but it flew after the shot into a thicket and I never could find it. That's one thing tough about hunting them with a bow. If they get off on you, it's not like they leave a good blood trail like a deer would. If you are going out exclusively for turkey with a bow, you might consider adding one of those tracers to your bow. I can't recall exactly what they are called or who makes them, but it is a really fine string on a spool that mounts to your bow. If you punch an arrow through something, and it runs or flys off, you just follow the string to them.
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Default RE: a new-comer

get your self a good ground blind, get all black clothing from waist up(long sleeve shirt, gloves and face mask, these will help to blend you into the backgrond of your ground blind), good decoys are a must consistently pull big birds in(full strut decoys are the best), shoot the magnus bullhead broadhead(125 or 100 grain your choice, it will take the turkey's head clean off with a dead centered shoot, then you won't have to track it), scout to know the patterns of the birds you will hunt(the roost is the most important in my opinion), practice a lot with the broadhead you will be shooting(the magnus bullhead is very durable unlike the gobbler guillotine) practice calling this winter and by spring you will be good enough to call a bird in to range(as soon as they see the decoy 90% of the time they will come running in, it's awesome to watch),
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Listen to what... turkeyhunter85... said. Thats about how it works for me.
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Default RE: a new-comer

i really fun
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Default RE: a new-comer

Can you hunt them without the blind? I realize it would be more challenging, but I am looking for a challenge.
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Default RE: a new-comer

ORIGINAL: ninjah

Can you hunt them without the blind? I realize it would be more challenging, but I am looking for a challenge.
I would start out with a blind of some sort, but eventually you should be able to move up to going without a blind. But do what ever pleases you and have a good time!
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