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Turkey Hunting Whether it's spring or fall doesn't matter to this bunch. Great tips on calling, bustin flocks, using blinds and more.

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Default Gobbler Yelps

If the fall/winter gobblers will come together in a group get like hens and jakes do. If you can find and have a succesful scatter and have broken up that group of gobblers than how exactly do you make a gobbler yelp? I also know that in the spring when the hens go to thier nests the gobblers will gobblers yelp to help find each other. Does anyone know how create these gobbler yelps on a pot call as well as on a mouth call?
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

One things for sure, you won't hear much talk from a long beard during the fall season and winter... they just don't do much talking, typical of all old men I guess regardless of species. I hear only one or two at best after a break-up, I find that once you break them up, just sit and wait-em out, you'd better be ready to watch grass grow, sometimes it takes hours...if legal get a blind and help yourself out with the wait... the hard part is finding old gobblers in the fall/winter..once the leaves come off they can see for miles and usually never let you get closer..the few yelps I've heard are raspy, a little slower and longer than the standard hen yelp...they just don't do much
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

Do you know what wood for your striker would give a good sound on your pot call to correctly reproduce these yelps? And do you know of any cd or dvd thatdemonstrates the gobbler yelp?
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

Compared to the hen yelp.....slower cadences of only 3 or 4 notes, slightly lower pitch and volume. Scratching in the leaves and flappin a real turkey wing works well along with some subtle gobbler yelps, but not too much. Many times just scratchin in the leaves can call abird up. Are you gonna be hunting field birds or woods?
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

You have to find the right combo for the slate and striker. That is the hard part. I have some custom ones I made that will work, but it is tough to get one right.Sometimes a big heavy striker on a double slate with a plastic pot works, depending on the glue used.
Slower and longer strokes help make the gobbler yelp.
Shoot straight and Good luck.
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

A gobblers yelp is more coarse & slower in cadence than a hens.
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

Depends more on where you are in the world hunting them. Easrtern is the hardest in the fall and rio seem to be the easiest. I usually kill eaterns on a food plot when they come to feed in the fall. The yelps are slow and course I would use a gobbler box call several of them have a gobbler side. There are usually better ways to get a fall turkey. A scatter is tough, the best way is to pattern if you can scatter or early morning out west they will gobble and at fly down fight. I heard them fight a good bit in Ohio as well. A good set of fighting purs is a great way to pull them in. You are not going to pull a limbhanger far from his intended route though.If you can find the roost or a food sourse set tight and wait them out in a blind will put more bids in you pack then anything else. It is a complete different deal in the fall of course I have had most sucsess to slip intoa double bull and wait until they come through.
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

For easterns a soft kee-kee and a nice food plot will do. Like others have said sit and wait. However,I would recommend a camera and corn for the next month and let them know that there is food available. You'll be able to track feed times and in general know if there's activity in your area. Not sure why you'll sit and wait unless you know there coming in to feed.Good Luck!!
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

Gobbler yelps covered above, and if you want to make a gobble, I develloped a technique to make gobbling easy on a mouth call. Practice shaking your head side to side so your cheeks flop backand forth, when ya got it right pop in a call andJUst blow a nice steady tone, and you have a decent gobble.Vary tongue pressure, and add in some up and down head oscillations and do some lip work and you can get just about any gobble you want. Try a couple differentdiaphrams to get clean or raspy soundsto get it perfect.The only downside is that this technique requires a lot of head movement, so you cant do it if the turkeys are in close.
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Default RE: Gobbler Yelps

I think the yelps have been covered well. My experience is that gobbler's won't talk much in the fall. I have had good sucess calling gobblers by just using raspy clucks. I discovered this one day in deer season when I had 4 gobblers come by me and about every min or so one of them would give a couple clucks as they scratched. Works well for me, your mileage may vary.
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