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Default #6 SHOT

I have always used # 5 shot in the past. I actually never patterned #6 shot because I thought it had limited range. A federal ammo rep told me I could get 40-45yds with six shot with the right pattern. Does 6 shot lead have the energy at that distance or is the rep blowin smoke?
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Default RE: #6 SHOT

The first bird I shot was with #6's at 43 yards. Just know what your gun can/will do though.
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Default RE: #6 SHOT

I wouldn't be afraid to use higher velocity #6's at that range. I've killed two stone dead with 2 3/4" #6's at 40 yd. The higher velocity loads have enough energy to kill at that range.
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Default RE: #6 SHOT

Yes, # 6's will do a great job with the pellet count at 40 yards....
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Default RE: #6 SHOT

I have used 3" Wenchester #6 shot for the past 30 years and have taken several birds at 45 yards and a couple at 50 yards.have only had one bird not go down.
so yes they will do the job.
I like to get them closer than that if possible.at this stage in life I like 25 yards if possible.
If not most times I will let him walk and go back the next day.it's all about getting them to show off for ya, right!!
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Default RE: #6 SHOT

With lead shot, you can take birds out to 40 and 45 yards. Much beyond that depends a lot on the speed of the load you have chosen to hunt with. If you have a load that is 1150 at the muzzle and are shooting plain old lead, it starts to get iffy past 45. On the other hand, loads leaving the barrel at 1300 will certainly do the job everytime in the right gun and through the right choke. (EDIT: BTW, the ranges I am giving here are speculative, and based just on speed/energy data and related experiences with other hunters and industry leaders... I've been blessed to have never crippled a bird...touch wood).

If you are shooting high density/hevi-shot, then shooting a #6 is just like shooting a #4 (so the numbers say). But no matter how you slice it, you're getting more energy out of that heavier pellet. I took my first Rio with #6 Extended Rage at 56 yards, measured by rangefinder, and that bird acted like he'd been hit by a line drive off David Ortiz' bat. A bit of a wing flap and waggle and that was it. Never so much as kicked his legs or flapped his wings or flipped over. Just down and out.
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Default RE: #6 SHOT

If you like 5's & they work for you----Why change?Here's my opinion on #6's. I've used #6's & have killed gobblers with them. They do work. But when I've cleaned the birds I've found pellets next to the skin that didn't penetrate. Just little balls of feathers. What good are the extra pellets if they don't pentrate. Shells were Federal turkey loads--copper plated. Both 2 3/4' & 3" shells. The shots were not long range 30 -40 yards.

I use #4's. My 870 likes them. I've never found a #4 wadded up in the fearthers.

Stick with the 5's---they work for you---don't reinvent the wheel. CB
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Default RE: #6 SHOT

I used to use a double barrel 12 gauge with a modified and full choke...Out to 35 yards, it would put 6-7 pellets into the head and neck out to 35 yards, using Remington high brass 2 3/4 #6 shot...I killed several birds with it, did just fine...

When I bought a B-80 back in the 80s, I purchased a Hastings .665 choke and tested several shells and shot sizes...
For some reason, it puts more #5 shot into the kill zone than it does #6s, go figure...Now I'm putting 12-15 shot into the kill zone at 40 yards, using the 3 inch Remington Nitro ($5.88 at Walmart) #5 shot...The furtherist I have ever killed a bird with this setup is 30 yards...

The point being, try several loads and see what the gun patterns the best....My gun shoots Winchester Supreme turkey loads high and to the right...The Federal Premium 2 oz loads put less pellets into the target than the 1 5/8 loading of Remingtons...If your gun prefers #4 shot or #6 shot, that's what you should use...
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Default RE: #6 SHOT


The first bird I shot was with #6's at 43 yards. Just know what your gun can/will do though.
Agreed. If you are using a "hevier than lead" type shot, then it certainly has enough energy at 40 yards. The main thing is to make sure you know both your limit and your guns limit. Most likely, the #6 will pattern better than the #5 shot and you will get the added benifet of having more pellets in the shell...
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Default RE: #6 SHOT

ORIGINAL: Colorado Bob

Stick with the 5's---they work for you---don't reinvent the wheel. CB
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