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hevi shot vs. lead shot

Old 01-02-2008, 12:45 PM
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

Like some of the others, I've tried various brands of the hevishot stuff myself as well. Let's just put it this way:I'll never go back to using "lead shot" ever again.
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

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I have a Benelli SBE with3 different turkey chokes. I tried federal 3 1/2" 5 shot, the equivalent in Winchester and always got better patterns with the Winchester. I tried Rem. hevi shot and even got a special choke for the load and didn't get that good a pattern. Last year I tried the newer federal flight control high velocity 3 1/2" no. 5 shot and got the best patterning with it. Consistent patterning is the most important to me. Harder hitting Hevi Shot doesn't work for me if the pattern isn't tight.
which choke were you using with the federal? is your gun the SBE1 or 2?
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

I would go with whatever patterns best out of your gun. Try and get a good, dense pattern that doesn't have any holes. Either shot will do the job. If price isn't a factor in your buying decision, then the hevi-shot might be the best, assuming it patterns good out of your gun / choke combo.
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

I will shoot what ever patterns the best in my gun at 40-45 yards... If it Hevi shot then thats what I'll hunt with... If it copper plated lead then thats what I'll hunt withFor me right now my 870 SPT shoots 3.5" Win HV #4's the best... Took a Longbeard at 56 paces 2 springs ago
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

ORIGINAL: barry1me

which choke were you using with the federal? is your gun the SBE1 or 2?
My gun is an older SBE1. It kicked like hell when using 3 1/2 mag loads so I sent it off to a gunsmith to port it and extend the forcing cone. It shoots nice now. Ordinarily I don't go for anything ported but I only shoot the thing a few times per year on the range with ear protection and when I hunt. I had them make a custom choke that was (.660). I got it from Ballistics Specialties in Battesville, Arkansas. I can pattern better with that choke than with stock full choke or the two others I bought. The last one I bought was due to the fact that I was going to try Hevi Shot and someone told me I needed a special choke. I have tried all sorts of combinations with shells and chokes and came back to the newest Federal offering with my .660 turkey choke. I like the way it shoots and patterns now and figure I have it the best it will ever be. Great gun especially for turkey since it is so light and you can crank out the shots if needed.
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

I know that I have to pattern my guns with different loads and to use what works best and to learn my limitations and stick to them, but. My only choiceis a Mossberg 500 20 gauge with a modified choke and a Savage 20 gauge single shot with a full choke. Whichever gun performs the best I'll still have range limitations over the average turkey hunter, I'm thinking probably about 30 yards max. With this in mind what is the smallest pellet size that will remain effective at 30 yards. I'm thinking that number 6 shot will get the kob done but could you use 7 1/2 hevi-shot? If anyone else uses a 20 gauge I'd like to hear your thoughts.
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

I agree with the patterning thing. That's #1, along with knowing your gun's effective range. The Hevi-shot patterns far better in my gun--a Remington 870 Supermag with an Undertaker choke.

Hevi-shot will out-penetrate lead every time in any gun. If the pattern's equal---Hevi-shot is what you need.

Having said that----I've killed more turkeys with 2 3/4 #6 lead shot than any other shell.
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

I haven't tried a choke made for the heavy shot but in all my Remingtons my 3.5" heavy shot hevi-13 patterned good, but my 3" Federal flight controls blew it away. This year I am gonna try the heavy shot again in my Stoeger Coach gun with a dead coyote choke and some others and see if the results are the same. Just gotta get a box of 3" heavy 13
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

Hevi shot all the way. Haven't tried the Win. xtend, but I hear they do great. Thought about trying the new Rem. wingmaster. It's the new hevi shot from Rem. Of course all of the hevi shot type loads are going to cost a pretty penny since the price of ammo has increased by 15 to 30% in the past few months.
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Default RE: hevi shot vs. lead shot

OK Centaur1, now we have a much more specific question. If limited to a 20 ga. gun in full or modified fixed choke, is hevi-shot necessary or even desireable? Why not start a new thread and we'll gnaw on that one for a while.
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Quick Reply: hevi shot vs. lead shot

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