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Tons of turkey's

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Default Tons of turkey's

Well this morning a buddy and I went out for our last rabbit hunt. Needless to say no rabbits were killed and none could of been(didn't even jump any). But the turkey's on the other hand were everywhere. When we got out of the truck it sounded like a spring morning w/ all the yelping and gobbling going on. We sat and watched about 75 of them in our bottom field. It definately got the blood going and made me wish i had time machine to move it to April. Well i'm done talkingfor now, just wanted to share this awesome experience with you all.
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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

Now that must of been a sight to see and hear!!
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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

I love it when I see / hear the same thing.
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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

Hey nkh you weren't hunting on Knight & Hales farm were ya
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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

Nope, but that would be nice. Good ole Boone County river bottoms.

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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

Sounds neat, nothing like getting fired up about things like that. Makes these days go a littler faster, or is it a little slower...........

Just trying to wait for the season to start.
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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

Why Why Why do you do this to me. I've been losing more and more sleep everynight because I can't stop thinking about turkey hunting and can hardly wait Spring. Now when I close my eyes I'm going to hear nothing but yelps and gobbles and picture strutting toms.
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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

Thats cool man. Only a couple months left but it seems like forever!
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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

our farm is the same way!! we've got 3 different flocks of turkeys that circle around our farm and the neighboring farms all together i'd say there are 75+ of them
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Default RE: Tons of turkey's

Hey nky where do you hunt at. I am originally from Florence KY. Lived there till after college and then moved to Northern Illinois. Souns cool, we will be turkey hunting up here in late April

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