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Turkey Shotguns

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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

Thanks. I will be looking at some this weekend and will come back with questions for yall. I have been looking at the .870 on the internet for a while. Has anyone shot the SPS/T with the thumb hole?
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

Also have been looking at the 835® Ulti-Mag Tactical Turkey. any more opinions?
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

dont care what is argued...cant beat a benelli SBE 2. i use this with a carlsons turkey choke and wichester xtended range loads. great combo. gun is pretty expensive though (1200+) but it is the best auto loading shotgun out there for hunting
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

I just got the Remmington 870 Express Turkey gun with the thumbhole in the stock. If you haven't held this gun...go and try it out before you buy any shotgun for turkey hunting. This is the most comfortable shotgun I have ever held and is a Remmington 870 that is a tried and true gun. I know you can also get it in an automatic (I wanted the pump).
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

I use a Mossberg 500 with an xxfull turkey choke made by Mossberg. I wouldnt trade or sell my gun for anything. Its a turkey killing machine. My farthest kill to date is 45 yards. It patterns well with Federal 3" mag 5 shot.
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

Everyone has their favorites. With that being said, I guess that mine is the Winchester 1300.
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

Being a target gunner I have somecostly dedicated shotguns,set up fortrap,sheet,sporting. When I finally decided on agenuine turkey gun I chose the inexpensiveBenelli Nova topped of with a Leupold 1x4 scope and Briley tube. OnceI found theammo the gun/choke prefers I only shoot it maybe 2 times a year.(Win Extended 3 1/2 #5's)For me, I didnt see spending a whole lot on something that just sits there.

There are more great turkey guns available today than ever before, just depends on the budget and personal preference.
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

Shotguns are alot more different than alot of people think... Mant swear by the 835 for Turkey, I heared this and bought one... I hate it.. Its now a backup goose gun. I've been an 870 fanatic for years... reason being, my dad had one, his dad had one, It was the first gun I shot.. etc...
Point being..
Go to a store and pull one quicklike up to your shoulder and look down the beads... If you grab a Rossi thats 80 bucks and it fits like a glove.. Buy it... If you grab the Winchester 1300 and it feels right on your cheek without trying to reposition it.. buy it... But asking someones recommendation on a gun is like puttin on someone elses shoes....
Go to the store and try one out... then worry about camo,sights, scopes, chokes, loads, whatever....
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

I reccomend the NEF Pardner 10 Gauge for Turkey.
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Default RE: Turkey Shotguns

I love my new 11-87 supermag. Went 3 for 3 with it. NTWF Turkey gun.
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