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Turkey with a rifle???

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Default Turkey with a rifle???

I know that hunting turkeys with a rifle is legal in a few states (SD for one), but how many out there have ever taken a turkey with a rifle? I think the best part of the hunt is getting close to the birds and watching and listening to them work.I don't thinkI'd find much enjoyment in shooting one with a rifle.Also,which other states allow rifle hunting?
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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

Depends on what I'm doing when you ask me. Right now as I sit in an easy chair and season isn't open I say NO I don't think I would enjoy it.

But now come the 1st week of May when I have chased a particular 5 year old gobbler allover southern Missouri and can't get him inside of 75 yds of me, then I often wish I had my 22/250 with me!!!

lol, but then that is stalking/bushwackin em, not callin em up and shootin em "in da eyes"!
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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

Not sure I could do it, kind of takes away a little! But if it is legal cant say much really.
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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

I killed quite a few gobblers with rim-fire .22 back when it was legal for turkeys in Ga. I would call them up to shotgun range and shoot only in the wingbutt. Never had one move more than 5' from where I shot it. I used a Marlin semi. auto with scope. I got the gunwith scope at Walmart for $30.
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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

Rifles are legal in the fall but....why? Not appealing to me but to each their own.
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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

I know its illegal here in arkansas. I feel the same way. The fun of turkey hunting is calling the bird within close range and taking it. There is no sport in taking one with a rifle
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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

legal in the spring in Wy. always been a little scared putting out dekes
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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

Its illegal here in SC too.

I don't care for it. Takes away the fun. It is also very dangerous to shoot a rifle on level ground.

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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

ORIGINAL: jghoffman12

Also,which other states allow rifle hunting?
Way too many. One is way too many.

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Default RE: Turkey with a rifle???

It is legal to use handguns, rifles, (rimfire, centerfire) shotgun,archery in the harvesting of turkey in Texas. We have a 4 gobbler per liscense yearlimit.
Personally over the years I have used everything just mentioned. If it's legal in your state I dont see why a person wouldnt try it. Yeah some will say there is no sport in taking a turkey with anything other than a rifle. I have taken birds called up with a Ruger MK ll 22 pistol, an open sighted 10-22, shotguns, bow and arrow,various T/C Contenders. With rifles such as 22 Hornet, 223, 22-250,220 Swift,30-06, 7mmSTW I have head/neck shotfrom 10 to 300 yards. Each bird has it's own challange to me and it should for anyone. We are all different in our ways we live and think, what's good for me might not please another butsuch as life. Again, as long as it is legal there is no reason not to give it a try.

Try calling a bird in to 30 yards or so and lining up the open sights on an old Stevens Crackshot 22rfon a turkeys head and squeezing off a shot or the same situation with a 3 1/2" 2oz turkey load having hundreds of pellets or a single bolt fired from a scoped crossbow.
Which one of those is more "sporting"?

In the end it's a personal choice that we all have to live with, who am I to judge another's way of legal hunting.
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Quick Reply: Turkey with a rifle???

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