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Turkey Hunting Whether it's spring or fall doesn't matter to this bunch. Great tips on calling, bustin flocks, using blinds and more.

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Default Rifle for Turkey?

I just got on this forum and wanted to knoe if any of you use a rifle on turkey? I watch shows on tv and only see then useing shotguns. Do any of you use rifles? If so what kind?
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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

Welcome to the board It all depends on their state regulations and personal preference.Imyselfwould never used a rifle for turkey hunting! I feel it takes the fun & challengeright out of the hunt. I also wouldn't want to be hunt an area where someone is hunting with a rifle, it raises a big safety issue for me. I'm sure there's people out there that will say there's just as mucha challenge in taking a turkey with a rifle but I don't see it. If a challenge is what they want, try pulling a mature gobblerfrom hishens to with in 20 yards. Save the challenging rifle shots for ground hogswhen you don't have a hunter sitting still in full camouflage hunkeredin tree line orbush. Again, welcome to the board
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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

Yeah welcome to the board. I agree with gobl, I personally wouldn't hunt them with a rifle. Even if I wanted to I couldn't here in Iowa though. Shotgun or bow only. I think only a few states late you hunt them with a rifle.
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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

I agree, wouldn't want too. If my state did allow it I prob wouldn't venture to far from home.I have already been caught by a pellet from bird shot while pheasant hunting right bellow the eye, didn't feel to good. I also know someone from my gun club who was mistaken for a turkey, almost lost his life, he still doesn't have full functionality. If that guy would have had a rifle he prob wouldn't be here today. You don't need one, plus the best part of turkey hunting is bringing them in close.
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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

Well im still new to this but we hunt hogs, deer, and turkey all at the same time. We see all them in the same area so I use the same gun. A 30-06. I think its a challengeto try to hit a turky from over 100yds right at the head and the body or to ty to hit just the head.

Oh we hunt on 3000 acers and its privete. We are the only ones out there. We always know where eachother are. what stand and everyone calls before they get out of the stand.
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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

I agree with the above that I would never hunt turkeys with a rifle and it is legal here in PA for the fall hunt.

Yes I would agree that hitting a turkey in the head at 100 yards with a 30-06 is a challenge but so is hitting a can at that distance but is it about the challenge or about the hunt?

Good Luck and Good Shooting

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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

Well both I just happen to walk up on them all the time. I like the hunt but I don't really go after just turkey. If I see them and they are in season then I will take one down. It also helps my shooting to have to hit something so small at 100+ yards. I would like to learn how to call and all that but in my area you never know when that big boy hog is going to be right by you. Thats why I always use a rifle.
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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

Don't believe a rifle should be the right tool for a turkey anyway. I know in some states, people like using muzzleloaders where its legal. To me, not my tool for the trade. Shotgun or bow only for this hunter.
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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

No PA, these guys did!

Here are some great photos sent by Wade Sutherland (above two photos). Wade wrote,"These photos are from a turkey hunt in south central Tennessee. Three days of hunting produced a gobbler for each of us! We each used Falcon Tominators with the new Hawk conversion. We all used Crosman Premier pellets (14.3 gr). My rifle was left without camo for photos". Pictured left to right, Darrell Mazzoline, Columbia TN. Rob Newcomb, Ashville NC. Wade Sutherland (AIRGUNS4U), Hernando MS.
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Default RE: Rifle for Turkey?

If you have never hunted turkey in the traditional sense it would be very difficult to identify. However the rush you get when you see a deer within range is nothing compared to the feeling you get when you engage a gobbling Tom in the field. To date the best turkey hunt I have been on is one where I didn't get a bird. I had a Tom on the string and he was coming before he got henned upjust before getting to me. I was calling back and forth with that bird for 20-30 minutes. It was awesome.

Try the real thing and you will know what we are talking about.

I have come to understand that I really enjoy learning things the hard way.
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