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I put my trail cam back out

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I put my trail cam back out

Old 04-15-2020, 04:35 PM
Nontypical Buck
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I get a lot of different critters here all yr, some days I am honestly amazed by how many different things I see in my yard here
from ducks to bobcats to bears,, I have seen them all here
and seen many of them sleeping in the yard as well

haven't had any real issue's with any of them
, if I had to pick a critter that causes me any issue's with will be field mice, they have chewed ona few too many wires over the yrs, including causing me a few grand in repairs

a short story on Coon's
I have a skid steer here, and during summer time I had the door off(its an enclosed machine), and a darn moue or? was getting inside and building a nest every night
so I added a few of them mouse bait chuncks(there kinda green in color and like a wax material) and a few glue traps, to try an catch what ever it was!

so, a few days went by, and I went to go move machine, and that's when I found it?

apparently I caught the mouse, and it was in the glue trap, and then a coon, must have smelled it or heard it, so went in cab to investigate it
then got its feet stuck on the glur trap trying to remove the mouse
so while in there, it then proceeded to eat half the mouse, which got its nose I guess stuck to the glue trap, was covered with coon hair about half eaten mouse,
after freaking out I with glue traps on feet, it found the mouse bait I had inside, and proceeded to eat the 3 blocks I had inside

well still stuck in there, it apparently had a reaction to the mouse bait it ate, must have been in its stomach a while and heated up enough to melt it into a fluid like state!
it them proceeded to throw up all over the inside of my cab, and I mean EVERY where, was like a bomb went off, it tore the seat up a bunch from chewing on it , to claw markings,
from ceiling to every window all sides, under seat, floor every where, was this green throw up wax!
and then, managed to get free as it seemed to loosen the glue up
and got away!

WHAT a mess that made, as the stuff wouldn;t come off with water, , unless maybe really HOT water which I didn;t have means to do

SO< I learned my lesson, on being lazy and NOT putting the door back on machine after every use LOL
but that is the only damage I have ever had from a coon
even my bears here, are good, extremely rare for one to even tip over a trash can in my whole area! and we have a LOT of bears here!

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Old 04-22-2020, 01:07 AM
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That does sound like terrible mess. I stepped in a glue trap at camp once. I forgot about it and then after checking things out in the camp I stepped right on it. I havenít been to the camp all winter and then in the spring getting it ready is when it happened. What a damn mess it was getting it off my shoe. It had the remains of two or three dead mice in it and my shoe.. Do I guess it worked well. But I havenít experienced what you did thatís for sure. I donít think that I would want to. One glue trap is enough for me to experience..
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