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Need help!!!

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Default Need help!!!

So the other day i was walking to my stand when i came upon a Moultrie D55ir on the ground next to a fallen tree. After further inspection i noticed a name written on it, and it turned out to belong to another guy that hunts the property. I immediately texted him a photo of it and he said "Holy *&$#, that cam was stolen last season, please take it home with you and i'll pick it up tomorrow. Once i got home with it i noticed that the sd card was missing along with the batteries and it had some water dripping from the internal electrical area of the cam. I sent him another text telling him that it was full of water etc... and he said for me to just "trash it" or if i can get it to work i can just keep it. So last night i completely disassembled, and cleaned the cam. It wasn't that bad besides a few little rusty spots in the circuit board behind the flash LED's. Today on my way home from the woods i picked up some fresh batteries and to my surprise it fired right up and everything seems to check out ok. The problem that i am having is with the sd card not working. It says to use an sd card up to 16gb. I tried inserting two different cards that i had laying around the house and i couldn't get it to take any pics. I then hooked the cam to my computer via usb cable with an sd card installed and it said that i need to format the card so i clicked "ok" and i keep getting a message saying that "Windows is unable to complete the format". If i take the sd card out of the cam and insert it directly into my computer i am able to format the card but it still will not work in the cam. Am i missing something here? Do i have to be using a brand new out of the box sd card to get it to format? I am a total noob to trail cams, any all help is appreciated.
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Get e new card But I am feeling that it is a lost cause
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many cams can get picky on SD cards, both size and brand name

I would recommend you clean the circuit board really good , each contact, with a
Q tip and come alcohol , and also clean the contacts where the SD card goes in
also DO NOT turn the cam on without a SD card in the slot
it seems to cause brain damage

NOW< another thing you can do after you clean all the connections and BEFORE you add battery's is
take whole camera and place it in a zip lock baggie , then fill baggie to cover camera with dry rice, seal bag, and leave it in there a week or so, , the rice will such out moisture, you will miss just wiping it down or placing in the sun even!!

after this, you can try again with a new SD card
IO have had best luck with 2-4 gb Sandisk brand made cards

IF all else fails
and before tossing cam
and IF your brave

I have heard of a few folks bringing back to life DEAD cams by , pre heating your oven to 200 degree's
placing cam on some aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and baking it for 15-20 minutes
THEY say, its NOT hot enough to melt plastic, but does start to warm the solder on the connections, and causes them to make new contacts!!

as I said this would be the LAST ditch thing I would try

its NOT the best cam out there, so, its NOT a total loss

ON a side note, over the yrs I have had a LOT of cams stolen off me

I had one once that was stolen in summer time, and the thief, brought it back in mid hunting season, threw it under one of my stands, after he broke it??

I Guess to be a jackass or??

so never know what makes a thief tick!
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cards and cameras can be finicky. i would try a new card. if it does not work i would try ejecting it and push it back in and repeat it if it does not work. also c if the sensors on fac camera face blink when u turn it on. when you do power it on what does it say on screen? with a moultrie it should read 0000/ 3950. 3950 is an example of how many pictures u can get on it. this will change with different sd cards.
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If its a tasco throw it away. I had the exact problem with one new out of the box
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Now I see that it was a Moultrie. Theres hope there. They make good cams
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