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Best camera

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Default Best camera

I want to get a trail camera. I am not rich.\, under $100 if possible. Everyone I look at in this range has as many con as pros. is there one out there that seems to be ok in all areas, with not of a lot of returns.
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Take a look at the Covert MP6 or the Covert MPE5, the MP6 will let you take the delay down to zero which is great on trails. If you are setting up where a longer delay between pics is ok (such as a feeder or minerals) then the MPE5 might be the route to go.

I have a MP6 and love it, takes great pics and I have changed the batteries once since August 2012 and that was in late June of 2013, the camera probably took 12,000 pics on that set of batteries. Daytime pic quality is outstanding, night pics are good if the subject is 30 feet and in, much past that starts to lose some. If you need more flash range the Covert Red40 is very good but runs more money.
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If you can't afford it then don't spend on something that will break soon with little backup.

I bought a "Wildgame" brand game camera and it worked for a short while. I think it's on the floor in the basement.
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The best one I have tried in that range is the Bushnell that I bought at WalMart, it was right at $100. The $100 Primos I have takes good pics, but the night time pics are limited in range and the "click" seems to spook deer occasionally.
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I recomend you wait and save up a bit more money before purchasing and buy a better camera.

With that said their are some decent cameras under $100, but if you go up to $150 you got more choices.I would recomend you have a look at Spypoint 5 MP 35, probably the best under $100.

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Originally Posted by Roadapple1
I want to get a trail camera. I am not rich.\, under $100 if possible. Everyone I look at in this range has as many con as pros. is there one out there that seems to be ok in all areas, with not of a lot of returns.
Under 100? Get a camera and sit next to a trail and snap them off.

Seriously, I'm not rich either, but I don't/won't spend money on something that doesn't work because the ones that do cost more.

I started off just like you and after trial/error/and returning cams I ended up with a reconyx and now have 2. If you can buy cams from a place that allows returns for a full refund no questions asked, buy/try/ and return what doesn't work (make sure you attempt the on line up software upgrades if you think you found a winner).

I wish it didn't take 400 bucks to get a cam that did what cams are supposed to do (it really does it very well), but it is what it is.
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Anything but Primos.....
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Save your money and wait to get into the $200 cameras.
You'll regret buying a $100 camera.
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As some of the members mention, if you can not afford $150 to $200 for a camera, wait until you can. Cheap cameras are a hit and miss, resulting in quick failure, poor quality pictures, or hard on batteries to name a few. The reason the price on some cameras are low (cheap) is the manufacture has not put good quality parts in them and also may be trying to under cut a company that is making good cameras but due to their quality, the price has to be higher. Check out the quality of pictures or videos submitted on this and other forums to see what you would be satisfied with. Check: or Good luck in your choice.
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Bushnell or Moultrie..
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