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Default Trail Camera Advice

I need opinions on which trail cam is the best and worst. I remember a few yrs ago one was offered that can be monitored from your home pc. Does anyone make these now?
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yes there are several that are offered that can be monitored from a pc or a "base station" which is a box that you hide away from the cam... there are also several that send pics right to your phone via text message. you simply buy a prepaid cell phone of the variety that the manufacture of the cam states. it is like 19.99 a month for unlimited texting. only thing is you have to use the cam where there is service for the cell to text. i believe DLC's will also accept a sd card to use in places where there is not any service.

moultrie can send pics to your pc
buckeye cam (expensive but awesome)
dlc (duck lick creek) makes one sends pics by text to your phone

i have several friends and heard about many more that are having alot of issues with the new cudde backs.

for the price you cant beat a moultrie d55 or m80. busnell bone collctors are pretty good also. stealth cams are decent also as are wildgame innovations X6C

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jrfrmn: I am having good success with Moultrie D55-IR, Moultrie GameSpy M100, 2009 model Bushnell Trophy Trail camera and SpyPoint IRB. Information as follows:
1)Moultrie cameras when set to video, take a picture first, then the video. Field of view in the video is narrower than in the picture. Moultrie said this is how it downloads. Night video is limited to ten seconds. If deer are close at night, one will get some blur and worse if in faster movement. This is common to most cameras. One year warranty. I have had excellent customer service.
2)SpyPoint IRB. The first two cameras were replaced under warranty for video flicker. Good customer service and one year warranty. This model is no longer made. SpyPoint is manufactured in Canada. Checking some of the newer models, delay is limited to one minute whereas other company brands are down to 15 seconds.
3)2009 model Bushnell Trophy Trail camera. These have given excellent service. Good customer service and two year manufactures warranty. These cameras have thin springs where they contact the batteries and can corrode easily to the point of breaking if not looked after. Clean with either a contact cleaner or baking soda and vinegar, then lightly coat with die electric grease. This tip was mentioned by a (homebrew camera builder) on a forum. I greatly appreciated his tip.
4)Wild View EZ Cam. These were the early version that took pictures only. They were very hard on batteries unless using the external 12 volt port. One year warranty which I used going through the dealer as I had poor customer service from the manufacture at that time. (No email response). When cameras came out with video, these were sold as video is my interest.
1)if possible, buy a camera in the $150 to $200 range even if it means saving up a little longer. Cheaper cameras do not have good quality, more expensive parts in them.
2)Check pictures and or videos submitted by forum members and various sites to see what you would be happy with. Most forum members would be happy to help with any questions you may have.
3)EBay is another option for purchases. Make sure the seller is authorized by the manufacture, or there is no warranty.
4)Smaller cameras are easier to conceal and for cameras capable of using AA batteries, one can use Lithium Ultimate in colder weather. These test out at 1.79 to 1.83 volt as compared to standard at 1.50 volt. Another good battery is the Duracell Copper Top, testing 1.55 to 1.60 volt.
Good luck in your choice.
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I just bought my third trail cam about a month ago. I read a lot of reviews before buying this time. The Moultrie's were rated very highly. Bushnell had some very good reviews. I bought a Bushnell HD Max. It's taken over 2,000 pics and the AA batteries still show full charge. The biggest issues with my two previous cams were false triggering and slow trigger speed. In 2,000 pics the Bushnell hasn't false triggered once. I have a picture of a bluejay flying about 6 feet in the front of the camera. I consider that excellent trigger speed.
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Default advise

Thanks for the excellent advise. Have a good season.
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