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Moultree revuse

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Default Moultree revuse

My friend is thinking about getting a trail camera the one he is looking at is the moultree game spy d55ir camera, revues would be appreciated
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Chasingame, the main source for reviewing cameras, has not done a review on this particular Moultrie model yet. Here is a link from actual users though, posted on Cabelas site. Hope this helps.

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robm1093: Check out "Hard Horn Buck-littlearrow on page two. I submitted a video and a picture of the same buck with the Moultrie Game Spy D55-IR. If the video appears to be shaking, the tree the camera is mounted to was moving due to a very high, gusty wind. I just recently purchased this camera. Since posting, I have done the up grade where it shortens the time delay to 15 and 30 second as compared to one minute. This package came with the USB cable with no mention on the package of TV Out cable. Set up was very easy. I am able to use the following 2 GB SD cards with good success: SanDisk, Verbatim and Lexar. I did try Kodak, which will work, but did not show quite as good a picture or video. The camera is capable of using up to 16 GB card. My largest card is a 2 Gb as this is what some of my other cameras are limited to. I format all my cards in the computer first as they are used in various cameras. The camera appears to be well sealed with a flat gasket. I am using Pure Energy rechargeable batteries, purchased at Wal Mart. When using this brand of battery, the positive end post is slightly larger than a standard brand. I had to careful widen the top half of the groove with a sharp hobby knife (just shave a little off each side) to fit. Also putting a micrometer on this brand, they are a shade longer (x3), requiring a little more pressure to insert. For the short period I have used the camera, the battery life seems good. I like , when set to video, the camera takes one picture then the video each time. My only dislike at present, you are limited to a 10 second video at night. I emailed Moultrie with the suggestion of up dating this to 30 second. I am considering purchasing a couple more of the same brand and series to replace my Wild View EZ Cam. The Wild View took beautiful pictures, when they work, but some of them were very hard on batteries, with little or no pictures. Good luck in your choice.
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