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Default Wal-mart game camera?

Looking for my first game camera. Is the Bushnell that most Wal-marts carry a good camera? Thanks
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Its probably the very same trail camera you can get at any of the Major Sporting Goods Stores?Check the model number to be sure...and the camera's are usually a pretty good price there.I'm thinking the Bushnell Trophy Cam is the older model and the new one has up to 8.0 megapixels,there's the plain gray covered model and the new one is the Bone Collector Camo model,there are also ones that have the built-in veiwer screen and they cost a little more.Be sure to keep your reciept in case you have any issues or problems with the camera.

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LEE BROWN: I brought up WalMart.com and typed in Trail Camera in the search box. This is what I found: 1) Bushnell Trail Sentry 5MP game Camera $99.00 and 2) Bushnell Trail Sentry 5MP Game Camera with Infrared Night Vision $149.00 These are the older version cameras. 2008 models have staggered LED. The 2009 models have 2 sets of 12 LED in rectangle boxes for a total of 24 LED. The 2010 model as 2 rectangle boxes of 16 LED for a total of 32 LED. I have the 2009 model with the viewer screen which is 1.8 inch. This is pretty useless being it is so small. I just swap out my SD cards and view on the computer. The camera with the viewer model also costs more money. As GTOHunter mentioned, the Bone Collector is the 2010 model. If you look on the back of the package, lower right side should give the manufacture date and model number. This is where I found my 2009 information. The store I bought mine from, tried to sell them as 2010 as they had received them in that order. I explained the difference and later downloaded some information and gave them for future sales or customer questions.
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Yeh the bushnell that walmart sells is the sentry and I wouldnt buy it.
I recommend buying a Moultrie D-55 for $99.99. Pike
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The newer model Bushnell Trophy Camera can be found on Cabelas and Bass pro website with a camera description and reviews by purchasers. Also Chasinggame.com has reviews on various makes and models of cameras. Checking this forum as well as other hunting forums and going into the scouting or trail camera section will give views of what their members have as well. Hope this helps.
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