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Default Best attractant?

Well after your help on choosing a camera and a security box,,I plan on tromping into the river bottoms to hang a new camera.

What baits/attractants are you guys having the best luck on?
Plain salt/mineral lick from the Country General store, or specialized deer licks from Cabelas?

I haven't ever used any before and dont really know where to start.
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It's kinda late in the stage to get groups of bachelor bucks, but I would say either salt or mineral will work about the same. But I would top it with Buck Jam or something that has a strong scent to it. And if you can put it near water, that seems to make a big difference.
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Mineral sites are great if you already have them established(since spring). If not, its probably too late for much luck this year. Corn is the best instant bait.
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I have used alot of different commercial attractants. These are the ones I have had the best luck with in the order of success.

1. Lucky Buck

2. Deer Cocaine (the white powder)

3. Trophy Rock

Hope this helps.


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I put a Trophy Rock in front of my camera and that very night i got pictures of deer using it. I got a 17lb rock at the feed store for $13 and cabelas wanted $18 for a 12lb rock. So go to the feed stores, going to the biggest place isnt always best.
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Mineral/salt licks are hard to beat, but as mentioned usage starts to slack off late summer/fall. If you know where to find some apples and or pears, that will attract about as good as anything now and on in to fall. (if its legal)
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Over the years I have tried every type of rock, block, lick, jam etc. and the best thing I have found is the 50lb. generic blocks that you can buy at TSC for $6.00 and the lose salt/mineral 50 lb bags that you can get for $6.49 per 50lb bag at TSC.
The deer in my area will continue to hit them until about Sept 21st. After Sept.
21st. apples seem to work the best for me and then corn and Buck Brand as the temps continue to drop. Pike
Below is link to my photo album that has pics of over 70 + different bucks hitting my blocks and licks this summer. Pike
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I am old fashon...i just grab some apples, and a bag of corn and find a heavy used trail, walk the trail to an intersection of other trails ( if im lookin for a new spot) and start baiting them in there... every weekend i take them some new grub!!
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