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WHich one?

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Default WHich one?

If you have $200 which trail camera would you buy? and why? i need all the help i can get i want to make sure i buy a camera that is going to be reliable and good on batteries and easy to use.....your help is greatly appreciated....thank you

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Default RE: WHich one?

Hi there,
I'll tell you my favorite cam and the guys here can add to what they like. I personally own 7 scout guard sg550. 2 Green, 3 grass camo and 2 stem camo. 5MP, 0.8 - 1.2 sec. trigger, IR, does up to 3 picture burst and does video up to 60 sec. Extremely small size (about the size of a beer cam). Price range is between 199 - 209.95 free shipping. Alot of reviews at Holds up great to weather conditions with no water issues. I also have a couple I-40s. A 2007 and a 2008 model. I really like these cams however the 2008 models have taken a step backwards with 3+ sec trigger time and to many white outs for my taste.

Hope this helps............

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Default RE: WHich one?

Might also consider the I-40 Moultrie IR camera. Check out
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Default RE: WHich one?

I got a Moultrie I40 last christmas and it has been great, I had it out all winter in many sub zero days and it was unbelievably easy on batteries. The IR saves enormously on battery life, not to mention puting it on 5 min. delay vs. 1min.
I also own the moultrie cam with the flash and I haven't had much luck with that thing at all. I got that thing 2 yrs. ago and still haven't figured out why it don't work right.
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Default RE: WHich one?

The Moultrie I-40. I love mine.
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Default RE: WHich one?


I would have to echo the other opinions stated here. For $200.00 it would be hard to beat the Moultrie I-40. But I have read a lot of positives at on the scoutguard. One thing I would say about that is this;I think time is the true measure of any product and while the initial reports on the scoutguard are positive, this is the first year for it. Hope this helps.

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Default RE: WHich one?

My last two cameras were $200 ea, one of them being the I-40 which I bought firstand the other being the LeafRiver IR 5ss. I got a heck of a deal on the leaf river as it normally would have been well over $300. I would not think twice about buying another I-40 it has been a awesome camera, it is simple to set up, the battery life is very good, I just checked mine after 7 weeks and it had 1400 pic's+/- and still had 65% battery life left. If I didn't get such good deal on the leaf river I would have bought another I-40 but at that discount I had to try one of the leaf river's......
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Default RE: WHich one?

SG550....faster trigger, smaller and uses cheaper batterys(AA) in stead of D's...I have several I40's. they are a good cam for the money, but both of the ones I own have developed problems. The new ones they sent are a 3.5+ sec trigger on them....go with the 550.
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Default RE: WHich one?

I like my I40
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Default RE: WHich one?

I like my 2007 I-40 but not my 2008 I-40. That one gives me 3+ second trigger and too many white outs. If you can get a new 2007 you should be ok, but not a 2008. From what I gathered from reviews and personal testing, I have to give the edge to the SG500.
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