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Newest & Most Dangerous Threat To Bowhunting

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Newest & Most Dangerous Threat To Bowhunting

Old 07-04-2013, 08:14 AM
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I guess I really don't understand all of the hub-bub. It sounds like a tempest in a tea cup to me.

Here in N. Ga. there is no problem with bow hunters losing anything. Most of the gun hunters are the same ones that are in the field with crossbows and bows during archery season, and with muzzleloaders during primitive firearms season. There's no conflict.

As far as PETA, and the other like-minded organizations, they are just clowns, and make themselves look foolish every time they open their mouths. They are the biggest joke around here there is. I can't think of any measures, or legislation they have ever been successful with, at least around here. I think their chances of having any serious effect on hunting of any kind are virtually non-existent. More hunters vote than animal-rights activists do. We also spend a lot more money on the outdoors, and in taxes.

I do see a problem, though. These bowhunter organizations (which, to me, sound just like PACs) seem to be creating controversy where there shouldn't be any. And I am sure it is just so someone can have a position of authority, just like any other political concern. Why the animosity towards crossbows, which could be a valuable ally if it ever came to a fight? I personally don't care for them ( I sold mine a while back) because they are heavy, clunky and a royal pain in the field, but if someone want's to use one, why the ruckus? They don't shoot even as far as a good traditional bow, and far less than a compound, and are not anywhere near as accurate. How do you figure they are any kind of threat to other bowhunters?

Crossbows are most certainly a 'bow', both legally and physically. They work just like any other bow, by propelling an arrow by means of stored energy in a set of limbs. Sure, they have a mechanical release mechanism, but a lot of compound bow shooters use releases as well, and so do a lot of target archers. You gonna ban all of them, too? I mostly shoot traditional bows (that I make myself). Using the arguments they make against crossbows, I could make a case for banning all bows except wood self-bows, and wood arrows with flint, or obsidian points (I also flint-knap). . Because, after all, these are the only 'true' bows.....No compounds, laminated bows, no sights, stabilizers...nothing. How would they feel about that?

Luckily, I have no problem with whatever anyone wants to hunt with, as long as it doesn't interfere with me doing the same. If there really is going to be a fight, isn't it smarter to court crossbow shooters as well, in order to boost numbers and political power? That would be the smart play, anyhow. Have they never heard, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"? Otherwise, they will just get chopped up piecemeal if it comes to a real fight, just like what is happening to most Christian rights, because all of the Christian Churches and Organizations are too bull-headed and proud to put aside their differences and work together to defeat a common enemy. Remove the 10 Commandments from a courthouse here.....stop prayers before a football game here....remove Christmas displays here...and pretty soon, no one can do anything, anywhere. For bow hunters, it would be, lose a crossbow hunt here, and since they were able to do it there, now they can get bow hunting stopped completely here, then they do away bow seasons completely. Since they could do that, now they have precedent to try to ban all hunting...all while everyone else is arguing among themselves about what a bow is.......

You wanna protect your rights? You don't need an organization. Just register to vote, and tell your elected officials what you want, and do it loudly and publicly. Then vote...a lot, every chance you get, and make sure your elected officials know you will be holding them responsible for what they do in office. If they mess up, then boot them out come next election, or even lobby for impeachment if it is bad enough.

That's how you get things done in the USA. Politicians should (and mostly do) fear We The People.

Anyway, that's my two-cents worth. That's why I don't belong to any of those organizations, because I believe they spend most of their time just puffing themselves up, instead doing anything really useful, just like our government does most of the time

Semper Fi.

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I don't know about spears, but I hunt here in Ga. with slingshots (I make them) and blowguns for small game, and atlatls (make them, too..) for hogs all the time. And I know people that hunt hogs with spears here. Cold Steel even makes a special spear for hogs called the Boar Spear, which is quite popular here.

While not specifically listed as legal hunting weapons in the regs, they are also not listed as 'Prohibited Weapons' which include explosive devices, anything using drugs or poisons, remotely-controlled devices, or any other weapon or device otherwise prohibited by State or Federal law.

I don't know how it is anywhere else, but maybe the sportsman in your area are not making enough noise. Interfering with hunting or fishing in Ga., Fl., or Tn., would be a political death-sentence for any elected official. Sure, it's heavily regulated, but not unreasonably restricted.

Originally Posted by Cyrille View Post
The threat is real! We are being attacked on all fronts, Bow, gun, spear and slingshot! I'm not kidding Try walking on a WLMA with a 6 or 7 foot spear and see what happens! "You can't hunt with that, we have no regulations for it, but you can't hunt with it here."
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