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tabs, gloves?

Old 08-06-2004, 07:23 AM
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Default tabs, gloves?

hey, guys, i was wondering if you could give some advice to a compound shooter? (don't hold that against me. ) i recently switched to shooting fingers from a mech release. on the advice of some members from the technical forum, (for the guys reading this, thank you) i bought a super tab made of cordovan leather. man, it seems to be a great tab, its tough and has a slick release. well, i'm looking to purchase another tab or two for back-ups and just for experimentation...anyone have any suggestions for good tabs? or even tabs i should stay away from? i really don't like the idea of shooting with a glove, but i might give it a try... please, keep in mind, i'm a "fairly" new finger shooter. i've been shooting the heck out of my bow with fingers for over two groups have really started to shrink considerably here of late. (i'm so happy that i made the switch!) any advice is greatly appreciated! thanks!
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

When I use a tab this is what I use:

It's a Black Widow Calf Hair Tab.

That said, I usually use a traditional super glove. You can get that from Black Widow also.
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

I use a Neet cordovan leather tab-been shooting the same one for 3yrs now and it's still pretty slick.This is a 2-ply tab and isn't very thick-I prefer a thinner tab so I can "feel" the string better.
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

When I shot fingers I preferred a glove over a tab...especially for hunting. I think it's all in personal preferrence. I don't have a real reason why, just liked the glove better. I can't remember who made either of the gloves or tabs I had though.
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

I'll second those blackwidow tabs. Don't shoot one of their bows but I really like that calfhair tab. When I try to shoot with a glove I pinch the nock for some reason and the arrow comes off the shelf.....
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

I much prefer a glove. Preference only though. I just feel more comfortable, and it feels natural. I use those cheap ones you find on special. If I think it gets a little ruff, I buy a new slick one.
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

I use a EW Bateman cordovan tab & carbon arrows when I shoot recurve & a 'Superglove' from ABS w/tapered cedar arrows when I shoot longbow. Both are extremely well made products that LAST!
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

I like the Neet PFT tab - the one with the felt spacer and superleather face - for shooting split finger. Nothing better than the BlackWidow tab for 3-under.

I don't care for the calf hair jobbies. The hair starts wearing off, the release gets inconsistent and my accuracy goes to pot. They have to be replaced far more often than regular leather faced tabs... Unless you're in the habit of losing them before you wear them out.

I bet I've lost enough tabs over the years to equal up to a whole cow hide.[&o]
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

I'm using a deerhide shooting glove from Wal Mart , I don't remember the brand , it feels good and shoots fine .
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Default RE: tabs, gloves?

I use baseball batters gloves. I like the feel but am trying to make a tab with 2 finger holes like the ones for sale on Ebay from Dan Q.

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