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tab or glove?

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Default tab or glove?

Which do you use and why? When I shot compounds with fingers, I used both although I ended up favoring tabs, right before I went to a release.
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Default RE: tab or glove?

Glove, 3 finger Alaskan Super Glove.

Honestly a full raquetball glove does well too
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Default RE: tab or glove?

99% of the time bare fingers. But for the other 1% a Super Archery Mitt that I modified to leave only 1 layer of leather between my fingers & the string.
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Old 03-16-2004, 07:19 AM
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Default RE: tab or glove?

I used to shoot a tab, many many moons ago. I've been using a glove for the last 8 or 10. I tried a couple of tabs again a while back, but they just feel foreign to me now. If the tab still feels good, go with that. Some folks get a better release over a glove. They are noisier for hunting, and I find a glove more convenient, but that's just me.

If you get a glove, be sure you can try it on first. Get one that fits very snug at first--by the time it's broken in, it will fit just right. I say try it on first because they can vary in size quite a bit. The only exception I know of is an American Leathers glove, where you send in a trace of your hand and the glove is custom made to fit you--and if it doesn't, just send it back and they will take care of it.

I have shot lots of different gloves. Damascus used to be my favorite, but they wear out too fast. I have used several different deerskin gloves, and they worked ok. The ones I currently use are a Superglove from Alaska Bowhunting Supply and an American Leathers Big Shot Slick Shot. Both require some breaking in, but are great gloves and very durable. Again, I would not buy the ABS glove via mail order--you can find a vendor that will have them at pretty much any big shoot (Cloverdale--hint hint) that will let you try them on. The last time I bought one, I probably went through 2 dozen or more before I found the one that fit properly.

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Default RE: tab or glove?

I started out with a glove, the martin Super Glove is think, then my release went heywire, so I switched gloves to the Super Glove and no better, so I tried a tab and have been using it ever since. right now I have been using a Kant Pinch.
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Default RE: tab or glove?

Bateman Cordovan glove. Tabs allow the string to eat the ring finger up on my shooting hand too much.

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Default RE: tab or glove?

i shoot a glove with the lightning longbow that im shooting now, works sweet
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Default RE: tab or glove?

Bateman cordovan tab for recurves & ABS Super Glove for longbows.
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Default RE: tab or glove?

I was using the super archery mitt untill recently. I tried a bateman cordovan tab and decided to stick with them.
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Default RE: tab or glove?

I was shooting with a plain cowhide glove until it wore out. I tried the superglove, but just never got used to the different feel. Anyway, to make a long story short I tried the supertab from Alaska Bowhunting Supply and am hooked. I get a great feel for my anchor and a super smooth release.
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Quick Reply: tab or glove?

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