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Fletching for recurve


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Default Fletching for recurve

Hi every one, just started to learn to shoot with an old bear recurve. The bow has no arrow rest and none can be added according to Cabelas. It just has a shelf. No sights either. I have been told the the best arrows to shoot with this set up is feathered fletching rather than plastic fletching, because the feather fletching is more accurate.
I have also been told to use a 3 vein arrow rather than a 4 vein.
My question is how much more accurate is feather fletching vs plastic fletching on my set up.
Any advice for the novice would be great.
thx in advance
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Imo you may learn to shoot better faster shooting off a shelf. It places the arrow closer to the knuckle so things seem to aim more natural. On the sideplate I place a piece of matchstick so less contact occurs.
The small feather thing may work, I've never shot anything but 5" helical. It stabilizes the best typically n with little ways to adjust its best to help the arrow out.
Nock point height may need to be adjusted so shoot through paper to get a read
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IMO the best fletching you can use would be 4" helical feathers. You can shoot off the shelf provided you have some sort of cushioning on it like a thick felt pad. And like Bowguy said, a raised area on the side plate. I like to use a stick on leather patch with a slight high point in the center for the same reason he stated. I prefer shooting directly off the rest but should you decide on using an after market one my choice for a rest though would be a stick on flipper rest.

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I like hookeye's answer
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I used a flipper rest for more years than I can remember just for the sake of shooting a stick bow shoot cedar arrows also ! I always shot 4 fletch four inch feathers don't know why but the shot wonderfully I shot white stag made in wi wish I could find one again loved them did not stack and looked good H H
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