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Default Aireals

Couple of my buds came over this evening, and during the usual pilfering (they know where things are in my shop better than I do) one of them started dragging out some flu-flu arrows that had been stuck back some time ago. The other grabbed a couple of repacement foam cores I used to use for aireal targets. "'s been a long time--let's go!"--that was from Dan. Brandon, relatively new to traditional (working on his second year) hadn't shot flu-flu's...yet. Our animals (a horse and a mule) were safe in my brother's pasture, all we had to do was watch for dogs and avoid the we go!

Man--I forgot how much fun that was! 'Course good company helped. My very first shot was a hit, but I missed a lot more than I hit. So did the rest of us, but we had several hits, a lot of close misses, and just like in the old days when we did stuff like this all the time my buddy Dan was the best shot. We used to shoot at clay pidgeons, and he rarely missed back then.

Now I've got to find a place for pheasants....

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Aireals are a blast!! This summer (Fathers Day weekend) my brother, dad, myself and my brothers 2 young boys brought out the aireals from the garage. It had been years since we last did this. It took me I bet 10 times before I finally connected on one. The shooters who Impressed us all were my brothers boys (5 year old and 3.5 year old). They hit I bet 5 straight at one time and probably 10 all together. It all brought back some great memories as dad use to do this with us when we were kids 20 some years ago.
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