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Ok, here I go...

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Default Ok, here I go...

I am getting a 45lb @ 28" Bear Grizzly recurve. I need help in setting it up with accessories? Anyone care to input feel free. I will be starting out with the bare neccessities. I will need arrows spined for this bow and I have not the foggiest what to get. I will also need a set of string silencers. Any recommendations? I will be getting a back quiver most likely, unless someone has a better suggestion for something detachable. Oh, and almost forgot, is it a must to shoot with a glove or tab? Is this just to save fingers, or does it improve your release?


Thanks, LT
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Default RE: Ok, here I go...

Releases definitely do give a smoother release but If It was me I'd shoot using fingers with either a glove or tab.
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Default RE: Ok, here I go...

A 1916 will work in aluminums and a .500 carbon with some extra weight up front should tune good.Carbon Express recently came out with a .600 deflection carbon that would most likely fly good.Cat whiskers work.They're cheap,they last,and they do work.I have them on all my bows.IMO,back quivers suck unless you're doing alot of stumping or 3D--I prefer a hip quiver for that stuff though.For a hunting quiver,Great Northern,BOA and a few others make real nice strap-on quivers.Glove or tab--that's your call.Whatever is more comfortable for you.I also prefer a cordovan leather tab.It's smooth and they last for years.And last but not least---get yourself a bow stringer.It could save your bow and you from harm
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