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Just So's You Know...

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Default Just So's You Know...

I'm taking a break from the forum. LONG break. Might even be permanent. I've had a belly full of dealing with dolts, lip flappers, boors and jerks; people who ask questions and then get bent out of shape because the answer isn't what they wanted to hear; people who know more than anyone else about archery - but everything they know is flat wrong.

That's never been a problem on the Traditional Forum for me, but I don't have the discipline to stay off the bowhunting and tech forums while I'm here. Plus, it's really bugging me that I can't shoot any of my bows any longer and my temper is really short. Withdrawals, I guess. So, my best course of action is to just stay away.

If ever I can be any help to anyone, or if you just wanna talk, shoot me a PM. I get e-mail alerts to PM's so I'll be sure and respond.

You're a great bunch and I've had a great time. This is a see-ya-later, not a goodbye.
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Default RE: Just So's You Know...

Arthur-You will be missed! I always look forward to your posts and your answersto questions. You are by far and away one of the most knowledgable members on this board. I understand how the short bus crowd can get on your last nerve, but don't let them run you off for good. Take a break if that's what you need, but come back as soon as you can. Many here benefit from your help.
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Default RE: Just So's You Know...

Im sure you'll PM box is gonna be swamped my friend! I dont blame ya a bit though we all need a break!
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Default RE: Just So's You Know...

Don't go Art you know I will have ya back covered

But I do know how you feel as I have said on the phone more than once, I can't understand why people ask questions then turn around and argue about the answer they are given.

I got ya number on speed dial I'll give you a call some time tomorrow.

Oh and sorry about last Sunday had a few honey do's to do and could not get out of them.[:@]

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Default RE: Just So's You Know...

This sucks Arthur. I really enjoy your posting! I'm hoping you will change your mind!
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Default RE: Just So's You Know...

Damn you Art!![:@] You are one of my favorites on this forum. Not just the Traditional forum but the bow hunting forum as well. I'm going to have to PM you and get your # if you don't mind me doing so. You've got more info between them ears on these Traditional bows or I should say all makes and kinds of bows then anyone I've ever met. I've sent so many guys on here in your direction when they've come to me with Tech questions on the Traditional bow set ups that I couldn't answer. I do understand where your coming from though with some of the BS that goes on in the other forums, to many know it alls thats for sure. Take care my friend and I'm blessed to have gotten to know ya on here. I'll shoot you a PM, you can count on that one!!

Thanks for answering my questions and helping me out. I learned allot from you!! Like I told you the first few months I was on here. (Your old fashion and your one of the few good guys left in bow hunting)
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Default RE: Just So's You Know...

Art, as I said in a PM to you, I have a great amount of respect for you. I pay great heed to what you have to say and I recognize your high intellect and knowledge for Traditional bows and much more. Your absence will be our loss.
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Default RE: Just So's You Know...


Man one less trad guy on here. that hurts... I understand though. I read and don't post alot of times because of people that don't realy want an answer. Take care and keep in touch some would ya.

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Default RE: Just So's You Know...

Art, I totally understand but I hope you change your mind. You are one of, if not the best assets on this board, if not the entire site. I know it's hard to ignore some folks, but that's the best way to deal with them. Seems some are like little kids and crave attention any way they can get it--every site has them.

Hang in there--hope you are able to shoot again soon.

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Default RE: Just So's You Know...

Everyone needs a break from the aggrevation sometimes. Thanks for staying available by PM.
Have a good one.
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